After nightfall on Saturday, local scouts secretly hid candy-filled plastic eggs all over the front yards of 72 homes in Galt. On Easter, the next day, families woke up to a private Easter egg hunt just outside their doors, all courtesy of BSA Troop, Crew and Ship 1119.

As their third annual, “Egg My House” event, the endeavor served as a fundraiser for the local troop in a time bereft of other more conventional drives.

“We wanted to continue the close-knit, small-town family feel for holidays and special occasions despite our not being able to hold large gatherings right now,” said Carmela Baker, the Outdoor Activities and Fundraising Chair for Troop 1119.

Families appeared to fully reciprocate that feeling on the day of the event.

“My daughter really got a kick out of the Scouts, using her bike to hide eggs,” said one patron of the event after finding eggs hidden in peculiar spots all over their property. “It started her morning off with so much joy.”

Not only did participants enjoy the event, but the scouts themselves reportedly took pleasure in “playing Easter Bunny” as well, noted Baker. Scout Brenna Frank, for instance, garnered online praise for her elaborate egg-hiding techniques from the footage of one homeowner’s doorbell camera.

“It was very fun,” Frank said. “I hope we get to ‘egg’ more houses next year!”

Funds raised from Sunday’s effort will go directly into the troop’s future activities.

“That means funding trips to summer camp, patrol camping trips, hikes and supplies,” Baker explained. “For crew members, that also means more kayaking trips, shooting sports and Alaska adventures. And for Sea Scouts this will help with boats, summer camps on the water and future scuba diving certifications.”

Baker would like to thank the dedicated scouts and all others responsible for filling and distributing the 3,450 eggs to participating homes in the area, as well as the orders donated to local families in need.

More information on future Troop 1119 events can be found on their Facebook page or on their website.