Councilman Shawn Farmer, with the help of a few local residents, placed the sesquicentennial train kiosk in its final resting place on the corner of Fourth and C streets Monday, Sept. 21.

The historical marker was unveiled last year at the city’s Sesquicentennial Celebration sponsored by the Galt District Chamber of Commerce.

Waiting for its permanent all-weather top to be completed and concrete to be poured, the steam engine shaped kiosk sat waiting at a Public Works facility over the past year.

“Today was a good day,” Farmer wrote on social media. “With the help of a couple local citizens, I was able to finally get our historical marker railroad kiosk mounted in its forever home! We dedicated this to the citizens of Galt one year ago at our Sesquicentennial 150th Anniversary Celebration.”

The site marks the location of the Southern Pacific Railroad Station that stood for dozens of years welcoming travelers to the bustling little city of its day.

“That essentially was the first heart of our Great American Little Town,” Farmer wrote. “I am so proud to have been a part of this project and helping our community remember its roots.”

Stepping up to help Farmer Monday were residents Talon Harris and Brian Snoe. Concrete North generously donated the concrete for the foundation.

Farmer said that many people and organizations had a hand in making this historical marker possible; they include the Galt District Chamber of Commerce, Dave Ravegno, Mike Greer, Karl Heim, and Dan and Toni Gerling.