Picture the scene: you have been preparing delicious pancakes for yourself and your family to enjoy for breakfast or brunch. Some family members smother their pancakes in butter and maple syrup, while others prefer to eat them with a pile of cut fruit.

But the thing is, you know that you want something different. So, you decide to bring out some whipped cream and gently apply a beautiful dollop to the top of your pancakes. All of a sudden, the room goes silent. It is at this point that you know you have stumbled upon the perfect accompaniment to a stack of pancakes. And now everyone wants to get in on that whipped cream game, too!

There is no denying that whipped cream has the power to transform sweet treats, desserts and even hot drinks into something delicious. The sheer simplicity of whipped cream has the power to turn almost anything into a culinary work of art. Now it is time to celebrate the very essence of whipped cream on this day, Whipped Cream Day!

The earliest known evidence of whipped cream appears in recipes in a 1549 Italian cookbook, “Banchetti, Composizioni di Vivande e Apparecchio Generale.” It was referred to as “milk snow,” which is believed to be a primitive form of whipped cream. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, whipped cream was also known as “snow cream,” which is a delightful and endearing term for it.

Whipped Cream Day is actually a nod to the birthday of Reddi-Wip founder Aaron “Bunny” Lapin, who was born on this day in 1914. It was in 1948 that he invented Reddi-Wip, which is now one brand name of aerosol canned versions of sweetened whipped cream and also nondairy whipped toppings. My favorite way to enjoy whipped cream is cream puffs with fresh sliced strawberries.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I think they are called “life choices” now. That choice of words doesn’t sound so final. “Life choices” leaves wiggle room for changes. Have you broken any of the resolutions you made, yet? That wasn’t fair; I should have waited at least two weeks before I asked if you made some “wiggle room” in those “life choices.” I don’t make resolutions; that way I don’t break them, so I won’t be disappointed.

I have noticed in my travels there is a reluctance to remove Christmas decor for the year. Although most inflatables are no longer in appearance, the outdoor lights are on, bushes and outdoor trees still sport decor, and trees are still shining brightly in the front windows. I love it! I am not ready to give way to Christmas being packed away. However, if you are, then it is time to decorate for Valentine’s Day. Red and white lights, hearts, and maybe even an 8-foot inflatable cupid for the yard. Or maybe an inflatable groundhog?

On a celebratory note, it is not everyone who can say they know someone, let alone are related to someone, who just turned 101. My aunt, who lives in the state of Washington, turned 101 this past Sunday. She lives in her own home, still tends her roses, enjoys visits from her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, going for drives (someone else drives now as she gave up her driver’s license three years ago), and gets her favorite fast food, Taco Bell — which, I understand from my cousins, was the choice for birthday dinner. Happy Birthday, Auntie.

Flower of the day: Forget-Me-Nots

Recipe of the day: Cream Puffs

Dates to remember:

January 17 — Martin Luther King Jr. Day — No School

February 2 — Groundhog Day

February 21 — Presidents Day

Until next week — Be strong, be courageous and and make a memory.