Beth Siegalkoff

Dive into a pool and swim a lap or two for your health today – Swim a Lap Day. This unofficial holiday celebrates the ancient sport of swimming and encourages people to engage in it for the purpose of exercise. Swimming emerged as a competitive sport in 19th century England, though there is historical evidence that the ancient Japanese were responsible for inventing it.

Today, swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports around the world and includes four kinds of swimming styles: the front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and the breaststroke.

Studies have shown that swimming offers many health benefits. Because a swimmer uses all his or her muscles while swimming, the activity is considered to be an excellent all-around workout. Not only does it burn substantial amounts of calories, it also increases heart activity and builds muscle strength. In addition, swimming can reduce stress and help people relax.

In young children, swimming can help build posture, increase coordination and flexibility, and can help with motor development.

How do you celebrate the day? By taking a dip in your pool, local lake or river, or even the ocean. If you are traveling, make sure you take all the necessary precautions one must take when swimming in nature. And, of course, don’t forget to social distance from other swimmers. And, did you know? – Swimming is the only sport that could save a life.

Last week I wrote about gardens producing and, guess what? Don picked eight Early Girl tomatoes and a few peppers from our garden last Thursday. That night we had Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches for dinner. Oh my goodness, talk about yummy! They tasted so fresh and good. And with the peppers, Don made Ceviche. There is nothing like the taste of fresh vegetables.

Our Father’s Day was an eating fest. Since the weather was hot and no one wanted to cook or barbecue, we dined on turkey, roast beef, and/or ham sliders, potato salad, strawberry-spinach salad, deviled eggs, chips and dip, and for dessert cherry cheesecake and red velvet cake.

I had a theme for my part of the Father’s Day gifts. I called it sticking together while social distancing – the dad’s bags were filled with different types and sizes of waterproof tape, super glue, epoxy, wood glue, etc. – if it made stuff stick together, it was in the bag. It got the response I was expecting – “Ah, a gift I can use!”

We all had a good time reminiscing about the dads who were present, the dads and granddads who were social distancing and those dads, granddads and great granddads who were no longer with us. It is a precious memory we will not forget.

By the way, another thing not to forget, there are only 184 shopping days until Christmas, just a half-year away. Seems like we have plenty of time, but we don’t. 2020 will be a year we will not forget. We have stood strong, cleared some pretty high hurdles, all the while trying to continue to live our lives with as much normalcy as possible. With only 184 days until Christmas, we need to find the good in every day so we can have good memories of 2020 as well as the memories of the challenging days.

Recipe of the day – Date Nut Pinwheels; Flower of the day - Penstemon

Dates to remember:

Saturday, July 4 – Independence Day

Monday, Aug. 10 – High School starts

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.