Six times a year the Galt Community of Character Coalition (GCCC) honors individuals and organizations who are living examples of character traits identified as being those that make a community a safe and inviting home for all residents.

This month, GCCC honored two individuals for the responsibility character trait. Nominated by their peers, Bright Future Learning Center (BFLC) technician Becca Coker Toscano was presented her award at this month’s Galt Joint Union Elementary School District Board of Trustees meeting, and Liberty Ranch High School student Myracle Lynch was presented her award at this month’s Galt Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees meeting.

Several teachers at Lake Canyon Elementary nominated Toscano who runs the BFLC, and a fellow FFA student nominated Lynch.

Following are the nominations as presented at each respective meeting.

Becca Coker Toscano

Nominated by Marlene Pacheco, Michelle Mobley, Annie Ipson and Deb Kenneweg

Becca Coker Toscano is a huge asset to the Lake Canyon Elementary School family and a true model of the character Responsibility. Becca joined our school in 2013 and has been a positive force ever since. She embodies the role of responsibility through being our Bright Future Learning Center (Library) technician, assisting in technology related projects and issues, teaching after school clubs, hosting our book fairs and taking part in fundraisers. She takes on many responsibilities that go above and beyond her job description to support all students and staff at Lake Canyon Elementary. Most importantly, she instills the love of reading into every child who walks through the library doors with her expressive and animated oral reading every week.

Mrs. Toscano has a high moral responsibility and displays it on multiple occasions. When giving her a task, we can rely on Becca to complete it without needing to follow up. She plays a key role when informing our parent community on events being held at Lake Canyon, including a Parent Information Board, or participating in the event itself. She communicates with staff, parents and students effectively. When teaching a variety of after school clubs – for example, the Smashing Pumpkins Club (a mixture of both baking pumpkin treats and using pumpkins in science experiments), she takes on challenging positions where she is entrusted with the responsibility of teaching our young learners innovative ways to view use of an ordinary object.

Another example of her moral responsibility quality is when she accompanied some fourth and fifth grade students on a field trip to Google Headquarters. She was personally invited to chaperone the field trip and share her experiences with technological advances and complications as a technician. Mrs. Toscano has much experience with Coding, so her knowledge led to the students’ creations within the Makerspace Lab on the campus. Lastly, her mentoring in the “Chalk It Up” club was an inspirational one. She took her self-talent and blew it up into a club where students wrote quotes that motivated and instilled positivity for our students’ minds.

It is with full confidence and pleasure that we respectfully submit this nomination for Mrs. Becca Coker Toscano to be recognized for the Responsibility Character Trait Award.

Myracle Lynch

Nominated by Trevor Denier

Myracle Lynch, like many students at Liberty Ranch High School, faces many challenges with schoolwork, family life and lots of additional commitments. Myracle is truly amazing in how she manages all the challenges she faces by always stepping up and taking responsibility. Myracle manages her time in the classroom by being on task, participating in discussion and helping her peers with work. When she tutors, she always does a quality job on tasks. For the nursery and landscape team, she is the top scorer and will help represent our chapter and community in the FFA contests within the 2020 year. In addition, Myracle is a role model of responsibility based on the following:

• She is dedicated to her work and sets the standard.

• She understands when work is due and isn’t afraid to ask other people for help.

• She helps others when they need help in all subjects.

 When she doesn’t know the answer, she looks toward resources to find them.

• People look up to her for times and dates because she manages them well, and

• She is able to get people working so assignments are done fully and on time.

All of these kind words were shared from her teachers and friends when asked who out of their peers is responsible to them. Myracle has accepted her strengths and was influenced to join the 2019-2020 agriculture leadership class, where every class period her work helps the over 600+ FFA members. We are happy to have Myracle in our chapter as a person of our community and agriculture, and cannot wait for what the future has in store for her.