honored for respect

Alan Posey and Maria Gudelia Vivanco were honored by the Galt Community of Character Coalition (GCCC) for the character trait respect at the June 26 Galt Joint Union Elementary School Board meeting.

Two teachers from Lake Canyon Elementary School, Michelle Mobley and Marlene Pachaco, nominated Maria Vivanco.

Greer Elementary School Principal Stephanie Simonich nominated Alan Posey. At the meeting, his son accepted the award on behalf of his father.

Mari Martinez of the Galt Community of Character Coalition, along with many members of the GCCC, were there to present the award.

The nomination letters read as follows:

Maria Gudelia Vivanco

We are teachers at Lake Canyon Elementary and Maria, who has been a longtime citizen of Galt, is our attendance secretary. But her job is never just an attendance secretary. She goes above and beyond for the students and staff of our school. She has made a measurable impact at Lake Canyon for the past 10 years as a dedicated advocate for our community, including parents, students and staff.

In her hidden hero position, her ability to communicate shows the utmost respect and kindness toward all. Her vibrant and enthusiastic personality is contagious and leaves everyone feeling optimistic.

For example, we had a school event at the end of the year where she was put into a position of having to resolve conflicting information that was given to parents. She was on the front lines, handling parents who were frustrated, angry and not understanding of this mistake. She held her composure and respectfully informed and led parents to the correct information or place.

Also, she is a motherly figure to students and staff. She invests in nurturing students to enhance their comfort, ability and keeping a positive atmosphere. With the passing of Amy Gold, a first grade teacher on our campus, it left her two young girls without a motherly figure. She stepped in to comfort and care for those girls while here at school each and every day. That kind of initiative isn’t taught, it’s learned. She has modeled that for others around her.

We strongly and, without a doubt, believe she deserves the Galt Character Award for Respect.

Nominated by Michelle Mobley and Marlene Pacheco.

Alan Posey

We live in a world where there are many differences, but with an open mind and an appreciation of each person’s contributions to this world, we strengthen our relationships and our community. Our school and community are filled with people that practice the character trait of respect daily.

Alan Posey is not only our next door neighbor, he has become a valuable member of our staff. He generously volunteers his time twice a week listening to children read. He even attended a special read aloud training in order to learn how to provide corrective feedback.

He genuinely shows interest and honors each child as he listens with a smile. He emulates patience as he encourages each child with uplifting words. Because of this, he serves as a role model on our campus. His kind words and actions teach the children what respect looks like and sounds like. Often, we overlook opportunities to thank and compliment each other.

We want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude to such a wonderful neighbor.

Nominated by Vernon E. Greer Elementary School staff