Volunteers gather for the monthly Galt Beautification Committee cleanup day Saturday, Jan. 11.

The Galt Beautification Committee was pleased with the turnout on Saturday to do their monthly community cleanup, even with the threat of rain. We gathered behind Rite-Aid to walk Carillion Boulevard picking up litter and trash and depositing it in a bin donated by Cal-Waste. There were some surprising finds along Carillion Boulevard. There were a couple of what looked like homeless camps in the bushes, also a trail of pint-sized vodka bottles along the way that were picked up.

People thanked us and said how much they appreciated what we were doing, giving up our Saturday morning to Keep Galt Looking Good. Helping this month were Tiara Carter, who has helped with other cleanups, Emma Christian, Stephanie Christian, the Neuberger family, Elena, Melissa, and Matt and Susan Gordon. Galt 4-H group, including Elia, Susana and Olivia Rodriguez, Harry Wensel and Ramona Temple, were also there picking up litter left by others.  Beautification committee members Gale Webber, Amy Sandhu and Barbara Payne organized the group.