Happy Comic Book Day! Not to be confused with today’s graphic novels. The term “graphic novel” is applied broadly and includes fiction, non-fiction and anthologized work. The term “comic book” generally is used for a comic periodical. A comic book is a book that tells stories through pictures or illustrations and text. The story is usually divided into sequential panels and dialogs and thoughts of the characters, and presented in a stylized graphic called a speech bubble or balloon.

While stand-alone and series comic strips have been around for a very long time – the earliest recorded comics can be traced back to 113 AD on Trajan’s Column, located in Rome – historians believe that the first comic book ever published was in 1837 in Europe. Called ‘The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck’, the book was written by Swiss writer Rudolphe Topffer.

By the 1930s, comic books had become a big business in the United States. Known as the Golden Era of comics, the 1930s and 1940s saw a surge in the genre of superhero comics, starting with the publication of Superman in Action Comics #1 in 1938.

This period saw the debut of other comic book heroes that we are all very familiar with today, such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain America.

Although, during and after World War ll, the popularity of superhero comics took a hit; in 1956, a more modern version of “The Flash” made its debut and the Silver Age of Comics was ushered in.

Did you know that the Incredible Hulk, who became more powerful when he was angry, was originally drawn gray by creator Stan Lee? However, because of printing issues, Marvel, the publisher, decided to change him to green.

My favorite comic books? Archie and Veronica. They were so upbeat and cool and, when a problem came about, there was always a fix.

I know some of you may still have a comic book or two stashed away. Today is the day to find it or go and purchase a new one and read it, maybe share it with a friend.

Congratulations to Liberty Ranch for a successful homecoming week and winning Friday night’s game – and the dance was a blast.

Galt High starts its homecoming week this coming Monday. Like Liberty Ranch, Galt High will have new changes in the rally and parade. The new all-weather track has restrictions. This will be the beginning of new traditions and new memories. So, cherish the old traditions, wear your letterman’s sweater or jacket, grab your #1 finger and pom poms, sit back on your blanket or your fancy stadium chair, and listen to the band (“Louie, Louie” anyone?), have a cheeseburger and some nachos, and enjoy the games and festivities.

It is a new era, a new stadium; however, Willie will be there, watching. Make it a great memory.

This coming weekend is a great time for inside, as well as outside, fall cleaning and preparation for winter. Unpack the Halloween containers, check the orange and purple lights and test the inflatables for leaks. FYI, if you can’t find the purple lights, you may have packed them in the Easter décor containers – just a thought.

Anyway, make a memory decorating, and celebrate that memory by eating popcorn balls – one of my favorite fall treats. I think I will make some.

And, when you are sitting down, relaxing, munching away, viewing your amazing decorating skills, this little nagging thought will worm its way into your brain – Yikes, there are only 91 shopping days until Christmas. Gotcha!

Dates to remember –

Sept. 30 – Oct. 5 – Galt High homecoming week

Tuesday, Oct. 1 – Herald 4-H meeting at Arcohe School

Wednesday, Oct. 2 – Herald Community Club meets at Hendrickson Training Center (7 p.m.)

Monday, Oct. 14 – Quarter Break – No school for the high school

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous, make a memory.