Beth Siegalkoff

Today is a colorful day, one truly worth celebrating; today is National Crayon Day. It is a day to celebrate the creation of crayons and the joy of coloring.

The origin of crayons dates back to the 17th century. In those days, the original crayons were made of candle wax. The colors in those early days were more limited and not as long lasting.

More durable wax crayons arrived at the beginning of the 1900s. In 1902, the Crayola brand arrived on scene and the colors of crayons has never been the same since.

Between 1902 and today, Crayola has come out with 120 colors. This day can be a little bittersweet, as Crayola also has retired 50 colors, most often on this very day. Crayola makes over 3 billion crayons a year. Other manufacturers combined are just a small fraction of that total annual production.

Some fun facts – Over the years, Crayola has made over 237 billion crayons. Crayola made the world’s largest crayon in 2017. It was 15 feet, 6 inches and weighed 1,352 pounds and was called “Blue-tiful”. The rarest color was “C-rex” which was an orange-ish color created for a sales promotion for Kraft Mac and Cheese in 2003. And, last but not least, the smell of crayons is the most recognizable scent for adults.

To celebrate National Crayon Day, get a coloring book and crayons and show off your artistic skills. I understand that adult coloring is a way to relieve stress, and there are even adult coloring parties. Who would of thought?

Easter is this coming weekend. Have you seen the Easter tree at the Herald Park? The Shamrock tree magically turned into the Easter tree overnight. It is too cute with egg ornaments and whirligigs around the bottom! Thank you to the Easter bunny’s helpers for bringing us joy every time we drive by.

Are you ready for your Easter celebration? Our family and extended family will get together after church and enjoy a buffet of appetizers. For entertainment, we will have the scavenger hunt for the gifts hidden by the Easter Bunny; it is always fun to watch the kids and grandkids try to figure out the clues. Going to church and fellowshipping makes good memories for the resurrection day of our Lord.

April Fools Day is tomorrow. I wonder how many pranks and practical jokes will take place with the social distancing, and being mindful of not going too far. I sometimes think we are so concerned about being sensitive we have forgotten how to enjoy a good laugh. I love it when little kids try to pull off a prank and they actually succeed. They get so consumed with excitement they practically explode with joy.

Also, tomorrow is the Dairy Bowl, the end of the football season game between Galt High and Liberty Ranch High. It makes that lasting memory for the senior football players and cheerleaders. In spite of COVID, they did get to participate in the games; no matter if it was only a short season, they still got a season. Good luck to both teams. I will be cheering for both teams to do their best.

Flower of the day: Sedum

Recipe of the day: Fudge Sundae Pie

Dates to remember:

April 1 – April Fools Day

April 2 – Good Friday

April 4 – Easter

April 21 – Administrative Assistants Day

Until next week – be strong, be courageous and make a memory.