Amy and Paul Sandhu are The Galt Herald’s People of the Year.

If you’ve been to any event in the town of Galt, you’ve likely seen this couple in the mix. They’re never idle, always ready to help out. It’s not like they’re retired. They are local business owners running the newly expanded Best Western. He’s the new mayor and she volunteers with the Beautification Committee. That’s just a sample of attributes for these remarkable people.

Bonnie Rodriguez, past president of the Galt District Chamber of Commerce calls them a “pivotal force” for Galt.

“Whether it has been volunteering at local events, or helping to carry the financial load, the Sandhu’s have been involved at every level in various organizations in the area,” Rodriguez said. “They have both served on the Galt District Chamber of Commerce board of directors, bringing wisdom and support for our organization, and they both have provided a voice for businesses in town.”

Their daughter, Predeep Virk, calls their life stories “inspirational.”

“Their personal stories of coming to this country from India and building a life for themselves and their family is truly inspirational,” Virk said. “They sacrificed a lot of their time when we were younger, working double jobs to provide us with opportunities they didn’t have growing up. All their hard work over the years really motivates us. They never let us feel like we were missing out on anything or showed their struggle. Every birthday was celebrated and we had a lot of family time! This still goes on today with their grandkids; we are all very close and celebrate everything together. Our parents are literally our best friends!”

Rodriguez said she’s witnessed their commitments to family and community firsthand.

“As parents and grandparents, the Sandhu’s have been a great example of taking pride in our community, as they often-times can be seen with grandchildren in tow as they serve our Great American Little Town,” said Rodriguez.

Virk said her parents came from humble beginnings but never let that stop them from giving and doing. She talked about her mother’s background.

“My mom, Amarjit (Amy) Sandhu was born in Punjab, India,” Virk said. “She is the youngest sibling of seven total and also the only girl. She has six older brothers. She came to the United States when she was about 9 years old. She grew up in Yuba City, where her family did farming. She is such an outgoing, pure, and kind-hearted person – always putting others before her. I think everyone that knows her would say the same thing.”

The Sandhus’ son Aman is equally impressed by his parents.

“I help run the family businesses with my parents, so I spend a lot of time with them and have learned so much from them,” Sandhu said. “My parents have taught me that hard work, dedication, and sacrifices are mandatory to be successful – not just in business but in all aspects of life. One of the most important values they have instilled in me is to always be humble and never live beyond your means. They also made it a goal to raise me and my sister to be respectful.”

Sandhu said his parents have always been examples when it comes to help those less fortunate and gave him a living testament to what a strong marriage is.

“Watching my parents grow up in a happy marriage was a great and healthy environment to grow up in,” Sandhu said. “It definitely gave me confidence when I got married and had kids of my own. They are also very involved in my children’s lives, which I will always cherish and appreciate. My father has always been a strong believer in ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. He always challenged me to find a way and accomplish something regardless of any obstacles in the way. My mother is someone who always told us to do good and always be positive. She always sees the good in people. I am very proud to call them my parents and I will end it with actions speak louder than words.”