Galt’s “Top Cop” Chief Tod Sockman said he remains steadfast in keeping Galt safe through the pandemic. He and his staff of officers and dispatchers have not slowed down through the COVID-19 crisis. He is aware that the stress of the crisis has had a small uptick on certain crimes and wants the public to be aware of what to do when they see or hear of a crime.

“Overall, we have not seen a large increase in criminal cases in Galt, which is the case in many cities in our region,” Sockman said. “However, we have seen a slight increase in a few different types of crimes, like alcohol related, vandalism, domestic violence and mental health type calls. We encourage our community to call if they see something suspicious or they see criminal activity. Together we can put an end to some of the unusual crimes occurring during this pandemic.”

Galt PD has been proactive on social media and Sockman said it’s a valuable tool but not the one to choose when you see a crime.

“Also we have seen a number of recent posts on social media about things happening in their neighborhoods or their specific streets but they have not called into the police department to report the crime or suspicious activity,” Sockman said. “Social media has its place, but not for reporting crimes or crimes in progress. Call the PD and report what is going on to our dispatch at 209-366-7000.”

Keeping the citizens of Galt safe is the top priority for the police department. Maintaining strong connection with the citizens, especially during a crisis, is also important, according to Sockman. He and his staff have given some of our youngest citizens a thrill with birthday parades. The community has also given back, such as L’Chayim’s donation of masks and thank you cards from a local business.

“Galt is an amazing community,” Sockman said. “Most of our community has done a great job with the state and county quarantine order. The PD has spent a great deal of time with the community long before this pandemic happened, and it is important that we continue with our community outreach during the COVID-19 crisis. The relationship with the community is unbelievable, where we like to say ‘Galt – where the community loves the cops and cops love the community.’ Our staff has been incredible, not only with their efforts to keep our community safe during this pandemic but with their morale, as well. I am proud of our officers, dispatcher and professional staff that have been in every day and have all been doing a great job. Our officers have been proactively working to maintain high visibility around our businesses and residential areas.”