Dennis Richardson, Melissa Neuburger and Mark Beck are sworn in as trustees on the Galt Joint Union High School Board at the Dec. 11 meeting. Superintendent William Spalding administered the oath.

The new Board of Trustees for Galt Joint Union High School District (GJUHSD) met on Dec. 11 at City Hall for the swearing in of Mark Beck, Melissa Neuburger and Dennis Richardson, administered by Superintendent William Spalding. After a brief intermission to welcome the new trustees, the board went right to work electing officers and committee members.

Dan Denier was voted in as president of the board. Terry Parker Owning was elected clerk. Spalding was elected as the secretary to the board. Neuburger will be the representative to Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE). Mark Beck will serve on the Construction Oversight Committee. Robert Lemon and Lisa Pettit will serve on the Delegation of Authority for Student Discipline. Richardson and Parker Owning will be on the City and Schools Together Committee. Beck and Denier will be representatives on the JPA Committee. Richardson and Denier will serve on the Transportation Committee.

During the organizational portion of the meeting, trustees approved a new meeting start time. Beginning with the Jan. 15 meeting, the board’s open/public session will begin at 6 p.m. The board will continue to meet in council chambers at City Hall when available.

Kevin Selstrom, director of transportation, gave an overall report on district transportation shared with the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District (GJUESD) since 1997. The bus fleet includes 31 yellow fleet buses and 33 vehicles in the white fleet. According to Selstrom, 90 percent of all maintenance on the buses is done in-house. The transportation department, that takes students on 850 field trips per year, provides drivers’ training. The facility also includes a washing station for the fleet and offices for personnel.

Sean Duncan, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment, gave a recommendation to the trustees to adopt the McGraw Hill IMPACT California Social Studies Program in World History, American Government and Economics as the new official curriculum for both high schools. Duncan also asked the trustees to approve the 2019-20 District Calendar, which lines up with the elementary district.