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Wren and Birdie are two kittens in Purrfectly Pawsible’s foster and adopt program. They were found abandoned beside a road in Stockton.

Looking to give local this Big Day of Giving? The Herald spoke to three Galt-area nonprofits raising funds through the charity event on May 5: Galt Area Historical Society, Hope for Horses and Purrfectly Pawsible. Some are already accepting donations. Read on to learn their stories and how to donate.

Goal: $10,000

How to donate: bigdayofgiving.org/organization/purrfectly-pawsible

It may have two puns in its name, but cat-focused nonprofit Purrfectly Pawsible is doing serious good in Sacramento and San Joaquin counties.

Through various programs, Purrfectly Pawsible advocates for humane treatment and population control of community cats (its preferred term for feral cats). It is asking for community support of that initiative through Big Day of Giving.

The group’s biggest initiative is to trap, neuter, vaccinate and return (TNvR) community cats in Sacramento and San Joaquin neighborhoods, which the vice president called “one of the most humane and successful practices” in managing overpopulation.

Feral cats are trapped and taken to a clinic or veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, and vaccinated. If the cat is healthy, it is returned to its colony; a cat with medical issues may receive further treatment. The nonprofit provides its resources to people who want to assist with the TNvR work in their own communities.

Friendly, adoptable animals are housed at one of the group’s foster homes, as space is available.

“We believe that, by doing that, we’re going to lessen the burden on our municipal shelters,” Purrfectly Pawsible Vice President Gayleen Gomez said in an interview.

The group is expanding its services.

This year, Purrfectly Pawsible held its first spay and neuter reimbursement program for pet cats. Residents in the two counties it serves could have their pet cats or kittens spayed or neutered, and the nonprofit reimbursed them up to $65.

Demand was so high that the group distributed all the money for the program in 12 days.

For Big Day of Giving, Purrfectly Pawsible has a goal of raising $10,000. Gomez said that money helps keep its traps in working order. The nonprofit uses them, but it also loans them for free to community members as it tries to make TNvR more accessible.

Another source of expenses is the spaying and neutering surgeries for community cats. Even with a discounted rate at a local veterinarian, the nonprofit pays $30 per male cat and $70 per female cat. And it buys food and other resources to care for the cats as they recover from the procedure.

Additionally, community cats sometimes need expensive surgeries to remove injured limbs or eyes. Recently, Gomez said, a cat in the group’s care received a leg amputation that, though discounted, cost $800.

The coronavirus pandemic only increased the load on Purrfectly Pawsible as local shelters reduced their intake.

Gomez expressed pride in the growth of Purrfectly Pawsible. She had been doing TNvR on an individual basis for years before joining up with former Galt Mayor Marylou Powers, who serves as the group’s president. Purrfectly Pawsible officially formed in 2016.

“It has grown to anything beyond my expectations. That’s for sure,” Gomez said.

To learn more about Purrfectly Pawsible’s programs, visit its Facebook page, facebook.com/purrfectlypawsible.

To donate, visit bigdayofgiving.org/organization/purrfectly-pawsible.