The C Street Enhancement Project is planned to begin construction in spring 2023, according to early projections that city staff and a contractor presented at the Sept. 6 Galt City Council meeting. Council also had several items related to parks and recreation, heard about a plan to promote Galt to businesses and chose to keep a contested accounting position.

C Street improvements

In plans created to guide potential bidders, contractor Psomas and staff envision splitting the construction work on C Street into three segments, each with three phases. Work would take place from Civic Drive to Maple Street, then from Maple to South Lincoln Way, then from Lincoln to Sixth Street.

Each segment would first have the westbound lane closed, with both directions of traffic using the eastbound lane. The situation would then reverse, with the eastbound lane closed and traffic in the westbound lane. Finally, the center lane would close for median construction.

Psomas’ Tim Hayes said the full process is likely to take a construction season, starting in spring 2023 and finishing in fall of that year.

Council members said they wanted to ensure that businesses on the street are not overly inconvenienced by the roadwork. The presenters said most businesses have alternate road access. Several of Galt Plaza’s driveways will be blocked, but cars will still be able to enter from Civic Drive or A Street.

Next Generation Barbershop, located on the second segment, does not have direct alternate road access. Hayes said the eventual building contractor may come up with a way of preserving access.

Parks and recreation

Council addressed multiple Parks and Recreation Department items. The members voted unanimously to allocate $34,000 to hire a contractor to handle weed abatement. Parks and Recreation Director Armando Solis said no company has been contracted yet because the firms the city reached out to either were not taking new work or hadn’t responded yet.

Council also voted 5-0 to create a full-time parks maintenance worker position. Solis said this worker would allow the department to better fulfill its current level of service.

The council members voiced concern about the many canceled Parks and Recreation Commission meetings over the past year. In the group’s annual report, commission Chair Ernie Cason said five of nine scheduled meetings had been canceled between July 2021 and June 2022, because of a lack of quorum.

He said the commission had more difficulty achieving a quorum because it had had a vacant spot since last July.

Mayor Shawn Farmer emphasized the importance of the committees and commissions for addressing community concerns.

“I would like to see, moving forward this coming year, that your particular committee be very engaged,” Farmer told Cason.

Cason agreed with the need for more attendance and said filling the open position would help.

Later in the meeting, Farmer appointed Galt resident Erin Saldivar to the commission. Saldivar noted her children’s involvement in city sports programs and said she wants to ensure children can participate in sports whether for fun or for competition.

Contract promotes Galt for business

A pair of contracts that Council signed off on will allow Galt to collect foot traffic data at various business locations and give that data to a contractor that will use it to attract businesses to the city.

Economic Development Manager Amie Mendes said the work of attending industry conventions to court businesses is time-consuming, and consultant The Retail Coach can do that legwork on the city’s behalf.

A second contract, with Placer Labs, would generate data on foot traffic that The Retail Coach can use to promote the city. Placer uses location-tracking information from cell phones to estimate the number of people in a given location.

Senior accountant position

Council agreed to keep in place a senior accountant position that it created but did not fund in March, with the understanding that an existing employee would fill it.

Finance Director Matthew Boring told Council that the accountant would help clean up records, create a program to automate overtime calculations and handle increasing state reporting requirements. He noted that an employee in a lower classification is already performing some of these duties and getting extra pay. Staff has discretion to promote the existing employee to the position.

The council members reached a consensus in favor of keeping the senior accountant position, as long as the lower job vacated by the promotee stays empty.