The Galt City Council has agreed on multiple votes and actions to address traffic concerns along Carillion Boulevard. The Oct. 19 regular meeting included steps to comply with a state organic-waste law and public comment on mask requirements in the city’s youth basketball program.

Carillion traffic safety

Carillion Boulevard may be re-striped to narrow the lanes and encourage slower driving, depending on how Council members vote at the next meeting. The item was one of several immediate proposals for assuaging area residents’ concerns about the safety of the road, particularly at its intersection with Vauxhall Avenue.

The Nov. 2 meeting will also bring a vote on signage changes, to be developed by staff, that are not tied to measured traffic conditions. In the meantime, City Manager Lorenzo Hines said the city would put out radar speed trailers and work with the Galt Police Department to up enforcement on the road.

The decisions do not include the four-way stop at Vauxhall advocated by many nearby residents, as existing data on Carillion traffic does not meet the threshold for a stop sign.

Organic-waste recycling

To adhere to a law mandating a 75% statewide reduction in organic waste ending up in landfills, Council voted 5-0 to begin the process of amending the city’s solid waste ordinance.

Previous legislation required businesses to have organics recycling programs, and in 2016, Senate Bill (SB) 1383 passed, extending the mandate to residential areas.

The revised ordinance has additional definitions related to organic waste and details requirements for processing organics. It will have a second reading at the Nov. 2 Council meeting for final approval.

Organic waste comprises food waste and green waste. Cal-Waste already provides Galt residents with a cart for the latter category, but the former currently goes into the trash cart. Cal-Waste will need to decide whether to have residents put food waste in with the green waste, put it into a bag that is picked up with the green waste cart, or use a fourth cart dedicated to food waste.

Galt Mayor Shawn Farmer and Council Member Rich Lozano were unanimously voted onto an ad hoc committee to discuss the details of this change with Cal-Waste.

Masks in basketball

During public comment, Ryan Montgomery denounced the requirement that players in the city’s youth basketball program wear masks. The issue was brought up by public commenter Kellie Gorelick at the Oct. 5 meeting.

Hines, as well as Parks and Recreation Director Armando Solis, said the policy is set by Sacramento County, and they agreed to seek more information on apparent “inconsistencies” in mask requirements.