Casey Raboy

Casey Raboy

Editor’s note: This is the third in a three part series introducing Galt Joint Union Elementary School District Board candidates. One elementary school board candidate will be profiled each week through Sept. 30. Profiles will run in ballot order. Candidates’ replies to issue questions will be covered in the Oct. 7 edition.

Casey Raboy has been a Galt resident since she was in college. She must have liked the town because that was a husband, six children and 30 years ago. She is married to husband Tim, works as a registered nurse and recently joined the California Health Corps to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Volunteering in the community seems to be her second calling.

“Having raised six children in Galt, I have participated in just about every children’s program in Galt as a happy volunteer and energetic parent,” Raboy said. “From City Tots, to soccer, baseball, basketball, Galt Gators, ballet, band, cross country and Boy Scouts, I have been there for the children of our community.”

According to Raboy, her own mom worked very hard for her and her two older siblings.

“I was raised by a single mother who often worked two to three jobs to support myself and my two siblings,” Raboy said. “My siblings were older than I, so I spent much of my childhood with only my mother. This taught me to value work and to enter a caring profession – nursing.”

She most values hard work, paired with compassion.

“My compassion makes me a great nurse, proud mother and willing public servant,” Raboy said. “As a child of poverty, I had to work to achieve economic stability – no one handed it to me. I grew up in a town deeply impacted by poverty and watched schoolmates drop out, turn to drugs or become teenage parents. I wanted more, so I became a certified nurse’s aide at a local rest home … Without compassion, hard work only benefits oneself.”

She earned an associate degree of science in nursing from San Joaquin Delta College and worked as a surgical nurse before starting her family.

But being a mom is what she considers her greatest accomplishment. All her children went through Galt schools. Her oldest graduated from UC Santa Barbara and is a teacher. She has three sons in college and her two youngest still attend Galt schools.

“Each has a solid foundation for life, which is what every parent wants,” Raboy said. “Although parenting never ends, and my children range in age from 10 to 25, I am humbled by watching them grow, “figuring it out,” and becoming good citizens and future professionals and parents.”

She also highly values education.

“My childhood taught me that school can save lives,” Raboy said. “It gave me a place to learn and to be nourished, both physically and mentally. It offered me a way out of poverty and hope that I could become economically secure. My childhood taught me to be independent, to make something of myself, and to always value the sacrifices others have made for me.”

Raboy wants voters to know she’s a hard worker and not afraid to sacrifice.

“I would like voters to know that I am not one to shy away from a challenge or to take the easy way through life,” Raboy said. “When COVID hit our state, against the outcry of my family and the advice of my peers, I signed up to fill emergency shifts to relieve exhausted nurses. It wasn’t a literal fire, but I did run toward it and not away from it. What I intend to offer our district – a commitment to the best job I can do, regardless of the circumstances.”