Galt police officials are warning residents that there has been a rash of catalytic converter thefts in Galt in recent weeks.

“Within the last six months, Galt PD has received approximately 30 calls for service regarding stolen or attempts to steal catalytic converters,” police officials said in a social media post. “Thieves can steal a catalytic converter in minutes, and it can happen when the car is parked on the street, a public parking lot or in driveway, at any time of the day or night.”

Police are encouraging residents to take precautions and protect their vehicles. Those recommendations include: parking your car in well-lit areas, parking inside your garage when possible, reduce access to the underside of your car by parking close to curbs, fences and walls, install a car alarm, install a catalytic converter lock or anti-theft device and, perhaps most important, be aware and report suspicious activity.

“If you see a suspicious person underneath a car, it could be someone stealing a catalytic converter,” officials said. “These thieves will often be in possession of exhaust tools or some type of battery operated saw. In some cases, they will have small car jacks to give them access to the catalytic converter.

“Immediately call GPD if you see someone’s feet hanging out from under a vehicle and you suspect someone is stealing a catalytic converter or committing any other crime. Thieves work fast and waiting to call the police may result in the thief getting away.”

For your safety, police did say not to confront a possible suspect.

You will know if your catalytic converter was stolen because your exhaust will sound abnormally loud when you start your car, and it will get louder when you press the gas pedal.