Randy Morton, Keith Jones, Kevin Papineau, Kami Martin and Jay Vandenburg filed Campaign Disclosure Statements with the city of Galt.

City of Galt municipal code restricts political contributions to $100 per person to an individual candidate in a single election cycle. Contributions of $25 or less do not need to be reported on the disclosure statements. However, these restrictions do not apply to independent expenditures. An independent expenditure is defined as expenditure in support of or against a specific candidate that is not made in direct coordination with a candidate or his/her campaign.

Martin received no outside contributions but was self-financed in the amount of $2,696.55. She spent most of her money on printing, web ads and signs.

Vandenburg had 24 contributors and also obtained loans of $7,000.00. His total monetary contribution to his campaign was $11,673.55, spending most on signage, fliers and web ads. Vandenburg’s individual contributors were Makhen Virk, Perdeep K. Sandhu, Paul Sandhu, Amy Sandhu, Wilma Bianchi, Michael Tankersley, Jacob Wolf, William Rusch, Laura Anderson, Jason Manding, Kevin Yarber, Darcie Bays, Scadicon Services, Harry Wensel, Ashley Senser, Kelley O’Donnel-Dawson, Ria Jones, Audrev Tarkersley, Ketih Tankersley, Tina Vandenburg, Christine Alberg, Tamara Vandenburg, and Byron and Elaine Campbell.

Morton’s campaign total was $1,168.50 with only two contributors for a total of $150. Thomas Daley contributed $50 and Kirkland Swim $100. His money was spent on filing and signage.

Papineau’s total campaign ran on $3,540 with 19 individual contributions. His 12 contributors include John Gordon, Clint Gamble, Robert Hill, Jedidiah McNamara, Jeffrey Hood, Sacramento Area Fire Fighters, Dave Vaccarezza, Mark Wynhoff, Lois and Larry Delucchi, John Gordon, Louise Piland, Gale Webber, Matt Giblin, Paige Lampson, Marilyn Erbes, Randall Erbes, Rich Lozano, Pam Lozano and Alicia Lozano. His money was spent on printing, signs and fliers.

Papineau was a recipient of an independent expenditure made by the Sacramento Area Fire Fighters Local 522 Political Action Committee (PAC). That PAC spent just over $4,300 on a mailer for Papineau.

Keith Jones loaned himself $1,600. His total expenditures were $3,383.00. Individual contributors included Curt and Denise Campion, John Hovde, Elaine Campbell, Cheryl Childress, Lois Delucchi, Van Warmerdam Dairy, Jack Fiore, Paige Lampson, Gale Webber, Brittany Lampson, Casey Louis Vaccarezza and Cal Waste. His money was spent on signage and filings.

Jones is also the beneficiary of two independent expenditures, funded by Elliott Homes, Inc. The two expenditure reports show nearly $1,500 spent on signage for Jones’ campaign.