The 2020 pandemic put a lot of things on hold, including the city’s plan to move forward on exploring options for revitalizing the Galt Flea Market grounds. No longer on hold, the city is moving forward with a visioning/concept workshop planned to take place at the April 6 City Council meeting.

City staff will be seeking council and community feedback on a proposed option, which will be presented at the meeting.

A copy of the Galt Market Community Plan staff report and visioning packet will be available on Friday, April 2 on the city of Galt website,

The Galt Market Community Plan addresses the flea market grounds, as well as the Galt Softball Complex and surrounding properties.

Not planned to take place overnight, staff said that this is a first step in developing possibilities for what the area could look like over the next 10, 20, 30 and 40 years. The conceptual plan will include a phased approach, providing a plan for the future of the area.

With the revitalization, city staff hopes to address the declining revenue generated at the market and utilize the development potential of the properties in the area.

City staff said that this is anticipated to be a planning level/visioning document and exercise that will no longer result in changes to Assembly Bill 3773, which disallows the city from selling portions of the property.

If council so desires, staff will return to council in June for a public hearing to accept the planning effort.

Funds received from a State of California Energy Commission (CEC) projects grant were used to explore redevelopment opportunities of the entire 45-acre Galt Market Grounds to create the conceptual plan, which could provide a roadmap for future development of the properties.