Galt Youth Commission members

New Galt Youth Commission members Betsy Robles, Gabriel Kunze, Riley Hemenover, Genevieve Akers, Elena Neuburger and Jamie Mejia are sworn into office at the June 18 City Council meeting.

Parks & Rec Director Armando Solis asked Galt City Council to pass a contract with Crossroads Facility Services, Inc. at a cost savings of $141,000 over the next year at the June 18 meeting at City Hall. The savings were made by cutting back on weekly mowing of all facilities and parks to monthly mowing with the exception of sports fields that will continue to have weekly mowing. Turf fertilizations will also be cut back from three times a year to just twice a year.

Solis said a number of options were looked at, including having city staff do all the maintenance. They concluded that in-house would cost the city considerably more than going with the low bid of Crossroads, which will be paid $299,400 for 2019-20 and $301,196 for 2020-21. Council voted unanimously in favor of Crossroads.

Interim City Manager Tom Haglund asked council to hire consulting firm Peckham & McKenney, Inc. to aid in the search for a permanent city manager. Council member Rich Lozano and Vice Mayor Shawn Farmer were asked to interview potential consultants and found Phil McKenney what they called a “good fit” for finding a Galt city manager. His firm had found managers for both Fort Bragg and Lake Tahoe, as well as larger cities. The firm’s success rate is close to 90 percent retention for their recommended managers staying more than five years.

Farmer said hiring the city manager was probably the most important job the current council will face.

Lozano said McKenney was raised in a small town, believes in hiring someone who will be involved with the community and plans to include residents in town hall meetings to find out what they consider important qualities for a manager.

The proposed budget for the contract with Peckham & McKenney is $26,000. According to staff, the expense will come from existing salary savings accumulated while interim City Manager Haglund is at the helm.

Council voted unanimously to hire the recommended firm.

New youth commissioners were sworn in during the bi-monthly meeting. New members include Betsy Robles, Jamie Mejia, Elena Neuburger, Gabriel Kunze, Genevieve Akers and Riley Hemenover. The six new members were chosen out of 13 applicants.

Haglund concluded his remarks at the meeting, stating Cal-Waste and the city continue to discuss ways to help small business deal with the new rate hikes.