Although not certified by the Sacramento County Registrar, Galt City Council candidates Jay Vandenburg and Kevin Papineau appear to have won positions to join Mayor Paul Sandhu and Councilmen Rich Lozano and Shawn Farmer on the dais.

At the 4 p.m. election update on Tuesday, Nov. 10, Vandenburg checked in with 3,068 votes or 29%; Papineau has 2,736 votes or 26%.

Candidate Kami Martin trails Papineau by 831 votes, giving her 18% of the votes. Papineau’s lead will prove too difficult to overcome with the remaining ballots left to be counted.

Election results show Council candidates Randy Morton and Keith Jones with 1,442 (14%) and 1,081 (10%) votes respectively.

Vandenburg and Papineau are slated to take their oath of office at the Dec. 1 City Council meeting, the same day the registrar is required to certify the vote. Council will choose who will serve as mayor and vice mayor at the Dec. 1 meeting.

After tallying votes from both Sacramento and San Joaquin counties, Traci Skinner maintains her lead in the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District Board of Trustees race. As of Tuesday afternoon, Skinner has 4,103 votes or 39%. Candidate Casey Raboy has a clear lead over candidate Jared Gaynor. Raboy’s tally is 3,983 votes or 37%, while Gaynor sits at 2,701 votes or 24%.

Skinner and Raboy will join Board President Grace E. Malson and trustees Tom Silva and Wes Cagle. They are slated to be sworn into office at the December meeting. The December meeting date will be determined at the Nov. 18 meeting. The board will choose leadership positions in December.

The nailbiter race to watch is the Galt Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees.

Incumbent Terry Parker maintains a safe lead with 6,022 votes or 39% after tallying votes from both counties; however, the race between incumbent Dan Denier and challenger Pat Maple still proves to be close.

Denier’s tallies outnumbered Maple’s during first reporting; however, Maple soon took the lead over Denier, and with each susequent update, Maple increased his lead. As of the Tuesday update, Denier trails Maple by 280 votes. Results show Maple with 4,786 votes or 31% and Denier with 4,506 votes or 30%.

Sacramento County still has over 171,000 ballots to process and San Joaquin has over 68,000 ballots left to process. Whether or not those numbers will be enough to tip the scale in Denier’s favor is yet to be determined.

The registrars in both counties have until Dec. 1 to certify the votes, in time for the Dec. 3 trustee meeting, where either Maple or Denier will join Parker in being sworn in to serve a four year term.

The winning candidates will join Dennis Richardson, Melissa Neuberger and Mark Beck on the board.

Board members are slated to choose leadership at the Dec. 3 meeting.