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Ana Romero, Alexa Murillo Cuevas, Ysabella Sosa and Alexis Gold are the newest members of the Galt Youth Commission, after being sworn in to their positions at the July 7 Galt City Council meeting.

The Galt City Council members heard from Interim City Manager Tom Haglund on the surge in COVID-19 cases at the July 7 City Council meeting held by teleconference. Four Galt area high school students were sworn in as new youth commissioners and the position of economic development director was given a new job description.

“We’re seeing a significant increase in cases,” Haglund said. “We now have 163 cases in Galt. Because of the increase in cases, the Governor closed indoor dining. There should not be any restaurant in Galt offering indoor dining. They may provide outdoor dining with tables six feet apart. Employees must wear masks and gloves.”

On July 14, the 163 cases rose to 231 in Galt.

Haglund said the county’s health authorities said their research concluded that private gatherings in homes and other places where people feel comfortable has greatly contributed to the higher numbers.

Haglund reported on a new food delivery program sponsored by Sacramento County with two Galt restaurants participating.

“Meals on Wheels has delivered meals to seniors from day one of the crisis and for many years,” Haglund said. “Now the city is participating in a broader program for provision of senior meals with Sacramento County. It’s similar to the great plates program called Dine-in Sacramento. Pastosa by Lucia and Las Islitas are participating in that program, delivering two meals a day. The great thing is its set up and funded by the county. We’ll have information to the public on our Facebook page and soon on the city’s website.”

Haglund said, seniors who are interested may call 211 for the Sacramento County Information Line.

Human Resource Director Stephanie Van Steyn explained the new job description for the economic development director position. The project manager position will be left unfilled and, with the restructuring of the city clerk’s office, the change will save the city $115,000 a year.

Haglund said a description for the new position was needed.

“This current position has been part-time temporary,” Haglund said. “She (Amie Mendes) has been working as the economic development manager, but we didn’t have a job description for it. Really, she is going to serve as first point of contact for businesses interested in coming to Galt. She works with existing business – retention and recruitment. She will work to help them grow. She is a central part in helping them as an economic ombudsman. She will also be the public information officer for the city.”

Council approved the description 5-0.

Ana Romero, Alexa Murillo Cuevas, Ysabella Sosa and Alexis Gold were sworn in as the newest members of the Galt Youth Commission (GYC). The fifth seat is retained by Ashley Rivas as she begins her second term.

Adult Mentor John Gordon said there would be challenges for the new commission, but the new members are up to it.

“We’re really excited to select these four outstanding young ladies,” Gordon said. “Each shined brightly in their own way during their interviews. They impress with their positive energy and willingness to serve the community. This year, we’re really going to be challenged by the constraints resulting from COVID-19. How the Galt Youth Commission might serve the community may look differently this year. However, with these four new commissioners, we’re going to figure something out.”

Ana Romero is a junior at Liberty Ranch High School. She said she enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, playing various instruments and cooking.

“I joined the Galt Youth Commission because I want to find opportunities to be active in my community,” Romero said. “During my time on the Galt Youth Commission, I would like to find ways to help beautify my community and help create a safe place for everyone.”

Alexa Murillo Cuevas will be a freshman at Galt High School and looks forward to joining the tennis team.

“My sister was a former commissioner and I always admired watching her take part in the GYC,” Murillo Cuevas said. “I even participated in a few of the events the GYC was involved with and I really wished for a chance to represent the commission. I like to think that the most important goals I have are to develop my social and leadership skills, take part in creating innovative ideas for community events and to make a difference in our teen community.”

Alexis Gold will be a sophomore at Liberty Ranch High School.

“I’m currently involved in the Galt/Liberty band and play the flute,” Gold said. “I was also volunteering at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter on the weekends until everything closed down due to COVID-19. I really hope to go back to doing that soon. I decided to join the youth commission because I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about local government and give back to my community.”

Ysabella Sosa will be a sophomore at Galt High School.

“My community of Galt inspires me to help people every day,” Sosa said. “I love to volunteer and benefit the community around me. I hope to influence Galt’s young leaders and adults with my leadership skills. My parents are my biggest heroes. Galt has been my home since day one and it’s a place where I want my future family to experience.”