Despite multiple objections from local residents and a denial from the Southeast Area Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC), the Sacramento County Planning Commission approved AT&T’s request to erect a cell tower just outside of Galt’s jurisdiction. The decision was finalized at Monday night’s county planning commission’s meeting.

Julian Gonzales asked the county to approve the AT&T Mobility cell tower planned to be located on his property at 1411 Joy Drive. His property is located in what is called the “county island” surrounded by city properties just west of South Lincoln Way.

The Southeast Area CPAC met on Sept. 26, 2019 at Hendrickson Training Center in Herald to discuss the plan. According to Chris Erias, Community Development Director for the city of Galt, there were a significant number of residents who live near the project who objected to the tower.

CPAC Council members voted 3 to 1 to deny the project.

Last Monday, Feb. 10, the County Planning Commission approved the project.

County documents state that the tower will be a 55-foot monopole resembling a water tower with components housed inside. It will be located on 5.35 acres and sit on two concrete pads surrounded by a fence within 1,750 square feet.

Erias was able to speak to the commission and give suggestions on aesthetics to the project. He pointed out that the fence planned would be of chain link and barbwire.

“The cell tower was approved last night by Sac County Planning Commission,” Erias said. “The approval was conditioned that AT&T provide some decorative features on the tower, like a mural or similar and, rather than a chain link fence with barbed wire, they are required to provide a decorative block wall.”

The County Planning Office placed a negative declaration on the project, stating there is “no significant effect on the environment.”

Erias said Gonzales and he were the only people from Galt to attend the meeting.

“We are concerned about the tower in a predominantly low density residential area,” Erias said. “However, we do believe that the aesthetic treatments mentioned above will help make it more compatible with the existing Creekside neighborhood to the south, and also future growth in the unincorporated Sacramento County island. As you may know, we are currently processing a nearby development application, Fairway Oaks, which includes the annexation of the county island. The county island is identified for low-density residential growth. Typically, properties in the future growth area can benefit from development. The property with the cell tower may have limited development potential based on the tower.”