The Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) unanimously approved Galt’s annexation of a 338-acre “notch” on the city’s eastern border, helping clear the way for a planned housing development.

The East Galt Infill Annexation Area is a stretch of Sacramento County land, generally bordered by Amador and Vauxhall avenues in the north, Boessow Road in the south, Marengo Road in the east and Highway 99 in the west. With the annexation, Marengo will fully delineate Galt’s eastern limit.

Roughly a third of the land, 120 acres, has been set aside for the Simmerhorn Ranch development proposed by builder Elliott Homes. When complete, the project would comprise 429 single-family homes.

Galt Community Development Director Craig Hoffman told the commissioners that the annexation is consistent with the city of Galt General Plan and will allow it to provide utilities, like water and sewer services, more efficiently.

The project is a “long time coming, and it makes sense from a growth standpoint,” Hoffman said.

In response to a quesvtion from a commissioner, LAFCo Chief Executive José Henríquez said development on the annexed land would increase the demand for water. But he cited city of Galt findings that the city can meet its water needs through 2040 with a full buildout of the General Plan, which includes the Simmerhorn project.

The commission had received one public comment from someone who thought their property was included in the annexation, but it turned out that this was not the case.

The annexation effort began in 2019 when the Simmerhorn development was proposed. In September 2020, Galt City Council approved a resolution applying for the annexation, and this June it passed an agreement with the county on property tax distribution.

No use has been planned for the land not involved in Simmerhorn Ranch, but zoning proposed by the city of Galt extends adjacent areas of single-family residential and light industrial in the northern part of the area, and highway commercial in the southern part.