The Sacramento County Registrar announced Tuesday morning, Dec. 1, that the Nov. 3 election results have been certified, solidifying seats in local races. With the official announcement, Jay Vandenburg and Kevin Papineau have secured seats on the Galt City Council; Terry Parker and Pat Maple have obtained seats on the Galt Joint Union High School District Board (GJUHSD), and Traci Skinner and Casey Raboy achieved seats on the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District Board (GJUESD).

In both the City Council and GJUESD races, Vandenburg and Papineau, and Skinner and Raboy took early leads with the first round of results. As subsequent ballots were counted, those candidates continued to pull away from their challengers.

The GJUHSD race was a different story. Although Parker pulled far ahead of the pack, securing her seat on the board, candidate Dan Denier was an early front runner over Maple. However, as additional results came in, Maple eventually over took Denier, finally securing a spot on the school board.

With a total of 11,701 Galt ballots counted in Sacramento County, final result tallies for seats on Galt City Council are: Vandenburg, 5,082, or 31%; Papineau, 4,241, or 25%; Kami Martin, 3,127, or 19%; Randy Morton, 2,240, or 13%; and Keith Jones, 1,635 or 10%.

Both school districts cross over into San Joaquin County and, although San Joaquin County has not certified its election results as of press time, Skinner and Raboy appear to be safe for a seat on the elementary school district board.

Including the ballots from San Joaquin County, as of Tuesday, Dec. 1, Skinner sits with 6,556 total votes, or 40%; Raboy has 6,284, or 36%; and candidate Jared Gaynor has 4,174 votes, or 24%.

For the high school board race, Parker has 9,409, or 39% between the two counties, Maple has 7,818, or 32% and Denier has 6,934, or 29%.

In other races:

Assembly District 9

Assemblyman Jim Cooper has secured his seat on the California Assembly. As of Tuesday, Dec. 1, Cooper had 141,747 votes, or 66%, and Challenger Eric Rigard had 73,243 votes, or 34%.

The win secures Cooper a fourth term in the Assembly, where he has served since 2014. Previously he served as a Sacramento County sheriff’s captain, and he was one of Elk Grove’s original City Councilmembers with the city incorporated in 2000.

Assembly District 8

Ken Cooley retained his seat in the Assembly. Tuesday’s update showed Cooley with 126,962 votes, or 55%, and challenger Cathy Cook had 103,491 votes, or 45%.

State Senate District 5

Susan Talamantes Eggman earned a seat on the California State Senate. Tuesday’s update showed Eggman with 212,553 votes, 55% and challenger Jim Ridenour had 174,799 or 45%.

U.S. Representative District 9

Representative Jerry McNerney secured his seat in the House of Representatives. As of Tuesday, McNerney had 170,576 votes, or 58% and challenger Tony Amador had 125,336 votes, or 42%.

The Secretary of State is slated to certify the statewide elections by Dec. 11.