Sacramento County Board of Supervisors candidate Pat Hume and Jaclyn Moreno officially kicked off their general election campaigns last weekend.

District 5 encompasses more than 650 square miles and includes the Galt, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta communities.

The current District 5 election marks the first time in more than a quarter century that Don Nottoli has not run for this supervisorial seat. He told the Herald last year that he would not seek reelection in 2022.

Hume and Moreno moved on to this November’s general election, because neither candidate earned sufficient votes to win the June primary election, which required the winning candidate to receive the majority of the votes.

Supervisor 1.jpg

Pat Hume speaks at the grand opening of his campaign headquarters in Elk Grove on Sept. 3.

Pat Hume

Hume, who has served as an Elk Grove City Council member since 2006, drew a group of about 50 of his supporters to his campaign headquarters at 8259 Laguna Blvd., Unit 100, in Elk Grove, on Sept. 3.

Hume was introduced to the group by Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, who referred to him as her “dear friend and colleague.”

“Why are we all here?” Singh-Allen asked the attendees. “Because we want experienced leadership. We want someone who’s going to hit the ground running. Pat is no stranger to local government. He has proudly, faithfully served our great city. One of the reasons our city is thriving is because of who? That’s right, Pat Hume.”

Singh-Allen added that Hume has the support of all city governments of District 5, including Galt City Council.

Hume’s endorsements also include Nottoli, the Elk Grove Police Officers Association, the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, and the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce’s political action committee.

Hume told his supporters that the District 5 supervisor seat is the only higher political office that he has ever considered, and that he is interested in serving the people of the district as a representative who would build a coalition at the county board of supervisors and with city councils and regional and statewide leaders.

He added that he is interested in public safety, and supporting small businesses, which he referred to as the “backbone and fabric of this great American experience.”

Hume told the Herald that his top three campaign issues are crime, homelessness and economic prosperity.

“We need to make our neighborhoods safe and our parks and open spaces useable again,” he said. “We need to help those who need it, but help them get out of their situation and on a pathway and a trajectory to a better life. And then we need to make sure that we are creating an environment where doing business with the government is more customer-services oriented.

“(That approach) starts with, how do I help you get what you need and let’s figure out a way to get to ‘yes.’”

Hume also shared his views on inflation.

“Inflation is terrible, but it’s temporary,” he said. “But we need to make sure that economic prosperity is something that we are all going to enjoy for years to come.”

Hume spoke about why he feels he is the better candidate in this election.

“I think I have the most relevant experience,” he said. “I’m here to go to work on day one, and I’m committed to doing the job every day for all parts of the district, and getting out in the different parts of the district, learning their issues and working on their behalf.”

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Jaclyn Moreno speaks to her supporters at her general election campaign kickoff on Sept. 4.

Jaclyn Moreno

Moreno, who serves as board president of the Cosumnes Community Services District, held her campaign kickoff at the Teamsters Local 150 Union Hall in south Sacramento on Sept. 4.

Prior to Moreno’s speech at her kickoff event, which drew about 50 people, Sacramento City Council Member Mai Vang spoke about why she supports Moreno for county supervisor.

“We need Jaclyn Moreno to be our next county supervisor,” Vang said. “Right now, I would say, as you know, homelessness (is) one of the top issues in our city and our region. And right now, I will say, as a councilwoman, that I haven’t seen that type of leadership from the county.”

Vang added that Moreno is the only candidate who will “move a progressive agenda.”

Moreno told her supporters that the District 5 election is about “electing someone in this county who represents our values.”

“(Voters of District 5) want to see a pro-choice candidate, they want to see a candidate who is going to prioritize homelessness with compassion, with providing mental health care and drug addiction support that is needed to folks, that has a housing-first mentality,” she said. “They want to see a candidate elected who prioritizes workers.”

In an interview with the Herald, Moreno spoke about homelessness.

“We do need to create better support systems for those that are unhoused, but in addition, those that are not unhoused,” she said. “Mental health care is a huge issue around our county, and I’d like to not only improve access for those that are unhoused, in help getting people off the streets, but also improve access for people who just need mental health care support.”

Moreno noted that reproductive-care access is another one of her top issues.

“We are living in a unique time in United States history with the fall of Roe v. Wade,” she said. “And polling suggests that that’s top of my mind for voters right now, that we need to be working to increase reproductive access, and not decrease it.”

Moreno stressed the need to support workers.

“Rents (are) increasing, the price of goods are increasing, and the compensation for the workers in our community is not increasing at a similar rate, which means that we are left with a situation where there are a lot of people right on the brink of homelessness, a lot of people that are having to work these two or three jobs just to make ends meet,” she said.

Moreno’s endorsements include the Elk Grove South County Democratic Club, Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522, Los Rios Federation of Teachers, Planned Parenthood, and Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

Moreno shared why she believes she is the better candidate.

“Voters want to see a pro-choice candidate get elected; they want to see one who supports workers and the labor movement,” she said. “They want to see someone with a mental health background, who has experience in creating programs for people. They want to see that person on the dais. So I think I’m the best person, because I’m more aligned with what voters want to see.”