voting map drafts

Cosumnes Community Services District directors will be discussing how to split the district to form five voting districts during two public hearings in August. The three proposed voting map drafts are shown above.

Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) directors met last Wednesday, July 3 to review three proposed by-district voting maps and designate three voting districts on each map to be up for election in November 2020, and amended the general manager’s employment contract.

The board governs the Cosumnes Fire Department covering both Galt and Elk Grove, as well as Elk Grove’s parks and recreation system.

CSD directors reviewed how the district could organize their board’s election next year. Three directors sit on seats that are up for election in November 2020 – they are Jim Luttrell, Orlando Fuentes and Gil Albiani.

In February, the CSD board voted 4-1 to adopt a by-district election system where each director will represent a portion of the overall district. Each director would be elected only by local voters living within that smaller district area. Previously, voters at large elected directors in the 157-square-mile district that stretches from Elk Grove to Galt.

After holding two public hearings in June regarding the election reform and giving direction to staff for the composition of each voting district, directors were presented three proposed district maps at the July 3 meeting. Each map laid out five voting districts, with each district holding similar demographics, although encompassing a range of different boundary lines.

Although the merits of the proposed maps were not discussed, directors were asked to identify three districts that would be up for election in November 2020.

“I just say, go with the odd numbers,” Director Jim Lattrell said, “not worry about which map is which – 1, 3 and 5, and 2 and 4 come up the next time – no matter which of the three maps you choose.”

Although not set in stone, directors ultimately chose districts 1, 3 and 5 to be on the 2020 ballot. Staff told directors that the maps could be adjusted, realigned and renumbered during two planned public hearings in August.

During those public hearings, directors will take public comments and discuss the merit of each proposed map. Directors are expected to choose a final map at their meeting on Aug. 21.

The directors unanimously approved a first amendment to General Manager Joshua Green’s employment contract.

Compacted due to recent salary increases, including one for Fire Chief Mike McLaughlin, Green’s contract allowed for an increase in pay.

However, in the interest of the financial stability of the district, Green chose not to request the increase in salary, instead requesting to readjust the general manager’s salary steps to align with the fire chief’s steps, at a rate of $100 per year above the fire chief, but then proposed to move down from his current salary step 2 to salary step 1.

Green will receive $18,876 a month.