Denier receives nod from Farmer

Galt City Councilman Shawn Farmer has officially endorsed Dan Denier for Galt Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees.

Farmer acknowledged the achievements the high school district has accomplished over the last two years, including the construction of the new science building at GHS, renovation of ag buildings on both campuses, the opening of two new stadiums, and the district’s recent international recognition for the district’s AP program – all while Denier was serving as board president.

“Our high school board has been led by a man I have known for many years, and have great respect for, Mr. Daniel Denier,” Farmer said. “Coming from a family that has called Galt home for over five generations, Dan cares deeply for our community and our schools.”

Farmer said that Denier is fully vested in local education as he attended and graduated from Galt elementary and high schools.

“He is a product of our schools and works hard to continue ensuring we deliver the highest quality education possible for our young adults,” Farmer said. “As board president this past year, Dan has made sure our board meetings are conducted with the utmost professionalism. Dan is a leader, and man of common sense, compassion and integrity.”

Farmer said he doesn’t take endorsements lightly.

“Putting my name behind a candidate with an endorsement is only something I do for those I have the utmost confidence and trust in,” Farmer said. “Please join with me to ensure the progress and integrity of our high school board continues, by supporting the re-election of Mr. Dan Denier to our Galt high school board.

Martin will listen to, engage Galt residents

City Councilman Shawn Farmer has thrown his support behind Galt City Council candidate Kami Martin.

“Since I have known Ms. Martin, she has demonstrated time and time again her efforts to engage the citizens, keep them informed and even advocate on their behalf,” Farmer said. “She reads staff reports, Council packets, makes information requests and investigates. She does these things while not even currently serving on Council.”

Farmer spoke to Martin’s service on the Measure R Oversight Committee, stating that Martin has held the city accountable for funds spent by asking questions of staff and doing her research.

“Many speak of transparency, but Kami practices it,” Farmer said. “She will not be afraid to ask the hard questions, be brave to take bold actions and, most importantly, represent the people who elected her. Kami has strong will and would be an unwavering force for the people of Galt.”

Farmer said that being a Councilmember is tough and requires courage, even if that means saying “no” to developers.

“She understands how important it is to protect our small town way of life, something we all cherish,” Farmer said. “She has been an outspoken voice against the continued urban sprawl threatening our city. She believes in smart, balanced growth, with focus on creating a more quality community for those of us that are here, and not just focusing on more population and rooftops.”

Farmer attributes Martin’s strong views of fiscal responsibility to her two degrees in business and government.

“She believes in being fiscally responsible and making sure the taxpaying citizens are getting their money’s worth,” Farmer said.

“It is for her beliefs in transparency, citizen engagement, investigative skills, courage and determination that I support and endorse Ms. Kami Martin for a seat on the Galt City Council,” Farmer said.

Farmer endorses Vandenburg

Current sitting Councilman Shawn Farmer has endorsed Galt City Council candidate Jay Vandenburg. Farmer said that he values Vandenburg’s ability to listen to the people, especially considering the “controversial projects and monumental decisions looming for our City Council this coming year.”

“It will be more important than ever to elect people who listen to the people that elect them,” Farmer said. “The candidates you vote for this election must be ones who not just claim they do this, but have demonstrated it. One of these candidates is Mr. Jay Vandenburg.”

Farmer said that Vandenburg’s upbringing to value hard work, honesty and integrity will make him a good public official.

“As a volunteer, both abroad and in his own community, Jay has demonstrated compassion for others, leadership, and has set an example of how to roll his sleeves up and get the hard work done,” Farmer said. “While working alongside me at the Galt community cleanup days, Jay impressed me with his passion and hard selfless work for our community.”

Farmer said that Vandenburg has been an advocate for the people on many issues, speaking on behalf of the citizens at many public meetings.

“As a blue collar guy, he has a way of understanding the concerns of our citizens and sees the need for better representation for them,” Farmer said.

As far as growth, Farmer said that Vandenburg wouldn’t just sit on the dais with rubberstamp in hand.

“He genuinely understands the importance of protecting the special small town atmosphere we all love about our town,” Farmer said. “He believes in smart, balanced growth, and is not someone who will just ‘rubberstamp’ endless developments and urban sprawl. He wants to bring a better quality of life to our citizens by bringing more amenities to our current citizens.”

Farmer said that Vandenburg supports small businesses and has studied the issues facing the Parks and Recreation Department and the city budget.

“We need to elect honest, hard working people who are not politicians, but instead candidates like Jay who will work for you and do the right thing for the people of Galt,” Farmer said. “It is for these reasons I am proud to support Jay Vandenburg and endorse him for a seat on the Galt City Council.”