Parker receives endorsement from Farmer

Galt City Councilman Shawn Farmer has officially endorsed Galt Joint Union High School District trustee candidate Terry Parker to retain her seat on the board.

“Terry is not only a very well known and respected member of our community, but has served as a representative on our school board for over a decade combined,” Famer said of Parker. “She has been a part of the district’s continued progress during this era, using her leadership and love for Galt to help guide our high school district in providing the best quality education for our young adults.”

Farmer reiterated the recent successes of the district, including the renovation of buildings, opening two new stadiums, the brand new two-story science building at Galt High and receiving international recognition for AP accomplishments.

“Over the past two years, our current Galt high school board has made tremendous progress even in the midst of these unprecedented times,” Farmer said. “As a Galt High alumni herself, she understands our small community and the challenges of providing a quality education with less funding and resources that larger cities around us have.”

Farmer spoke to Parker’s ability to work with fellow board members and staff as a team, treating each with respect and helping to keep board meetings professional and productive.

“Terry always conducts herself professionally, and works with those around her for the best outcome for our district and students,” Farmer said. “She brings sensibility, integrity, and diplomacy to our school board.”

Farmer said that he does not give out endorsements without a lot of research and forethought, but after careful consideration, he “proudly endorses” Parker.

“Please join with me to ensure the progress and integrity of our high school board continues, by supporting and re-electing Terry Parker to our Galt high school board,” Farmer said.

Vandenburg tapped for Council by Sandhu

Galt City Council Mayor Paul Sandhu has officially endorsed City Council candidate Jay Vandenburg to join him on the dias

“Mr. Vandenburg truly cares about our community and the future of our city,” Sandu said. “If elected, he will put the best interest of the community and Galt citizens first.”

Sandhu said that he has seen Vandenburg not only attend, but voice his concerns and thoughts at City Council and Planning Commission meetings. “He does his research on local issues and stays up to date, while listening to all sides of an issue,” Sandu said. “He has proven to be an individual that is willing to ask the tough questions on behalf of the citizens of Galt.”

Sandhu said that having been born and raised in Galt with many of his extended family still living here, Vandenburg understands the love the community has for its small town feel.

In addition to Vandenburg’s support of local residents, Sandhu also recognizes Vandenburg for his support for local businesses.

“Mr. Vandenburg is also very supportive of our local businesses and will help in continuing to build up our business friendly environment here in Galt,” Sandhu said.

Sandhu said that Vandenburg will be a Councilman who will “work for the people.”

“In my personal conversations with him, I have found Mr. Vandenburg to be very respectful, thoughtful and curious for answers,” Sandhu said. “I hope you will consider voting for someone that has the desire to work for the people.

Denier gives nod to Vandenburg

Galt Joint Union High School District Trustee Daniel Denier has given an official endorsement for Jay Vandenburg for Galt City Council.

Denier said that Vandenburg is a person who will work toward finding solutions, is not afraid to speak up and ask tough questions, stands for balanced, controlled growth, believes in maintaining a good quality of life for the citizens of Galt, and is honest and transparent.

“Like myself, Jay was born and raised in Galt and is a proud alumni of Galt High School,” Denier said. “During his lifetime, he has seen the growth to our once small town and he understands the challenges that come with it. Jay is a vocal leader who does not hesitate to bring the concerns of the citizens of Galt to our city council.”

Denier said that Galt needs councilmembers that are not prejudiced by outside influences.

“He has no ulterior motives or hidden agenda for running for a seat on the council,” Denier said. “He is running to be a voice for the citizens. We need councilmembers like Jay, who will listen to the people, represent the citizens and challenge the city management.”

As a trustee, Denier said it’s essential to be able to have great working relationships between councilmembers and school board members.

“It is important for our kids that the school districts and City Council work well together,” Denier said. “I look forward to working with Jay in order to continue to provide the quality education for our community.”

Overall, Denier said Vandenburg is the right candidate for Galt.

“Jay is open, honest and transparent,” Denier said. “He asks questions and gathers the information needed to make the right decisions for all the citizens of Galt. Jay is supported by the people of Galt because that is who Jay will represent. This election is extremely important for the future of Galt. If you want a city council that will listen to you and represent you, then you need to vote for Jay Vandenburg for city council. Now, more than ever, he is the right person for the job.”

Vice Mayor Lozano endorses Papineau

Vice Mayor Rich Lozano has endorsed Kevin Papineau for Galt City Council. Lozano is impressed with Papineau’s integrity, his attention to detail and his ability to listen to the community.

“I have known Kevin for nearly 30 years,” Lozano said. “Kevin is a man of his word and will do the right thing, even when others are not looking. He will listen to the community and evaluate issues with extreme detail.”

According to Lozano, Papineau has been an active community member and elected official in Galt for many of his 20 years living in the community.

“His experience as a youth sports league board member, elected school board member and planning commissioner will certainly make his transition to council member seamless,” Lozano said. “Papineau understands budgets, and he helped the Galt elementary school district through the toughest recent economic downturn. It will be important we elect a council member that understands and can manage city budgets. Kevin will ensure that the city spends taxpayer money wisely and will bring ideas for economic growth that is not centered on the backs of taxpayers.”

Lozano said that ensuring economic development is a priority, and feels Papineau will work hard for the small businesses.

“He understands the need to support our local business community and assist in their growth,” Lozano said.

Papineau has 27 years of service as a sworn peace officer with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Elk Grove Police Department and, currently, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

Lozano said that, due to Papineau’s attention to detail, Papineau has been assigned many high-profile cases involving sex crimes against children and homicide, and most recently worked as an investigator on the “Golden State Killer” case.

It’s (for) that attention to detail that Lozano feels Papineau will be a valuable asset to sit on the dais, to ask questions and thoroughly review items that come before Council, including preserving Galt’s unique small town feel.

“Maintaining our quality of life and public safety is a priority for Papineau,” Lozano said. “He believes that, for our community to enjoy its quality of life, they must feel safe.”

Lozano pointed out that Papineau is endorsed by public safety organizations, including the Galt Police Officers Association, Sacramento Area Local Firefighters 522 and the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association.

“Please join me and the many families of Galt in supporting, endorsing and voting for Kevin Papineau for Galt City Council,” Lozano said. “Kevin is clearly the public safety choice in this election and I know we will get a council member in Kevin who will be honest, focused on details and who will listen to the people of Galt.”

Lampson endorses Papineau

Galt City Council Member Paige Lampson has endorsed Kevin Papineau for Galt City Council. Lampson said she is impressed with his lifelong public service, and his “inherent tenacity for investigating the facts will make him a valuable contributor to our city council.”

Pointing out Papineau’s selfless choice to serve the public in his career, Lampson said that Papineau has also served the Galt community for decades in additional roles, extending his public service far beyond his profession.

“He has served our youth as a youth sports board member and as a trustee for the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District,” Lampson said. “During his tenure on the elementary board, he helped the district navigate through one of the toughest recessions we have seen in our lifetime.”

Lampson further explained that Papineau’s choice to serve citizens as a police officer, currently working as an investigator for the Sacramento County District Attorney, gives him greater insight to public safety.

“No other candidate understands the importance of public safety more than him,” Lampson said. “His ability to get to the bottom of problems is evident in one of his recent successes. Papineau was one of the investigators who brought the East Bay Rapist, who terrified women in our state for decades, to justice. Maintaining our quality of life and public safety is a priority for Papineau. He believes that, for our community to enjoy its quality of life, they must feel safe.”

Lampson said that budget experience is a “must” and that Papineau’s service on the school board, as well as his innovative mind, will help him keep the city healthy and thriving.

“We need someone who is open to new ideas and not afraid of change to help Galt face the challenges coming out of the current state of our budget and budgets statewide,” Lampson said. “He will work hard to support our local businesses and bring more businesses and jobs to Galt. He also understands that slow controlled growth is the key to a healthy thriving city that can maintain and repair our community facilities and events.”

Speaking to Papineau’s character, Lampson said that he “is very ethical, tenacious, honest and hardworking”, which will make Papineau an asset to the Galt City Council.

“I am honored to endorse Kevin Papineau for Galt City Council,” Lampson said.

Lampson gives nod to Jones

Galt City Council Member Paige Lampson has endorsed Keith Jones for Galt City Council.

“Keith Jones understands the financial and public safety challenges our great little town faces and isn’t afraid of new ideas or change,” Lampson said. “He has the capacity to make decisions that are good for all the residents of the city, new and longtime citizens alike.”

Lampson said that Jones is a long time member of the community who takes an active role volunteering with our youth, planning commission and other organizations for many years, not just recently.

“Jones has served on the Oak View School Site Council. He also served the community as a coach and a board member for local youth teams and currently chairs the Planning Commission,” she said.

Lampson said that Jones’ children attend Galt high schools and are active members of the FFA.

“Keith knows how important schools are in our community and will advocate for stronger partnerships with the city and school districts,” Lampson said.

But Jones’ strengths do not just lie with his community involvement.

“I am very impressed with his understanding of the intricacies of our budget and budget needs,” Lampson said. “He understands that a city cannot continue to be healthy on property and sales tax alone, and our city needs to attract new businesses and activities and the way to keep our economy healthy.”

Lampson said that, as the chair of the Planning Commission, Jones knows the citizens don’t want explosive growth, but a healthy balance of housing for the residents of Galt and businesses to provide jobs, secure city services and promote economic stability.

“It is easy to say you will vote how the people want you to vote, but how do you listen to 26,000 people that live in our city? By being involved in the community, serving on nonprofits, serving on boards, coaching, attending community events and keeping the needs of the entire population in mind when you consider those decisions brought before you. I am honored to endorse Keith Jones for Galt City Council,” Lampson said.