Martin receives Sandhu endorsement

Galt Mayor Paul Sandhu has officially endorsed Kami Martin for a seat on Galt City Council.

“It is with great enthusiasm that I am endorsing Kami Martin for Galt City Council,” Sandhu said. “Since moving to Galt and raising her to two sons here, she has been following city politics closely. I am sure most of us have seen Kami Martin keeping the Galt citizens informed in the public and on social media about decisions being made at City Hall.”

Sandhu is impressed with vital research that Martin does related to local issues and decisions confronting City Council Members.

“She does the research, really studies the local issues in Galt, and makes it a point to inform the citizens about the issues,” Sandhu said. “She routinely has questions and comments on City Council and Planning Commission agenda items that exhibit her intelligence and thoughtfulness.”

Sandhu is confident Martin will not only invite citizens to share their thoughts and concerns, but more importantly, will listen to the citizens of Galt.

“I know she will represent the voice of the people and listen to the citizens, with an open door policy,” Sandhu said. “She will help keep transparency between the citizens and the city.”

Martin’s track record on the Measure R Oversight Committee and endorsement from the local police officers proves that she will be an advocate for public safety, according to Sandhu.

“Ms. Martin serves on the Measure R Oversight Committee and has been a strong advocate for public safety, earning the endorsement of the Galt POA,” Sandhu said. “I believe she will serve as a strong, attentive, and honest leader for the city of Galt and put the citizen’s concerns first.”

Sandhu said that Martin not only has been a supporter of public safety efforts, but also is an advocate of local businesses.

“She has always been a strong supporter our local businesses and I know she will work hard to keep Galt’s small town charm,” Sandhu said. “Ms. Martin is passionate about the Galt community and she would be a great addition to the Galt City Council.”

Crews sends support for Vandenburg

Former City Council Member, mayor and vice mayor Mark Crews has officially endorsed Galt City Council Member Jay Vandenburg.

The retired Galt police officer has asked the public to join with him in casting a vote for Vandenburg.

“Please join me in supporting and voting for Jay Vandenburg for Galt City Council,” Crews said. “He will be a voice for the citizens of Galt.”

Pratton gives nod to Vandenburg

Former Galt Joint Union High School Board member and sitting Planning Commissioner Mathew Pratton has officially put his support behind Galt City Council candidate Jay Vandenburg.

“I would like to endorse Jay Vandenburg for Galt City Council,” Pratton said. “I have known Jay and his family for years as a friend and fellow Galtonian. I have found him to be fair, of sound judgment, committed and focused on his personal and community goals. As an active member of our community, I have seen Jay do his homework before stating his views.”

Pratton said that, although all City Council candidates are worthy contenders, Vandenburg rises to the top.

“I know most of the candidates who are running for City

Council and would say that this is the best pool of candidates stepping up for many years,” Pratton said. “However, when it comes time to vote, I will vote for Jay Vandenburg, who has a vision for the future and an understanding of the past. I do not think that he and I will agree on

all subjects, but I am confident that I will trust him to vote with confidence and respect for our community.”

Denier receives endorsement from Sandhu

Galt Mayor Paul Sandhu has officially endorsed Daniel Denier to retain his seat on the Galt Joint Union High School District (GJUHSD) Board of Trustees.

“Dan Denier is the right choice for the GJUHSD Board,” Sandhu said. “Since first being elected onto the board in 2016, Mr. Denier has been a part of the many successes that the district has seen – two new stadiums, a new science building, and several upgrades on campuses. The district has also recently received international recognition for their AP program. Mr. Denier understands that this takes a group effort of working together with the teachers, staff, administration and students.”

Sandhu recognizes that a team effort includes a cohesive board.

“The current board works very well together in ensuring our kids are given every opportunity and the tools needed for success,” Sandhu said.

Denier’s selfless track record proves he takes his responsibilities seriously, according to Sandhu.

“Mr. Denier doesn’t take this duty lightly – he serves with integrity and honesty, and always has the best interest of our students and their future, at heart,” Sandhu said. “With current distant learning, his top priority is getting the kids back to the classroom in a safe and responsible manner.”

“With his experience of strong leadership, I look forward to seeing the district continue to improve and provide the students with the best quality of education,” Sandhu said. “Please join me in re-electing Dan Denier for the GJUHSD Board.

Sandhu endorses Parker

Galt Mayor Paul Sandhu has officially endorsed Terry Parker to retain her seat on the Galt Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees.

“Having served for 12 years, Terry Parker brings the needed experience and knowledge to GJUHSD Board,” Sandhu said. “She served on the board during the many successes of the district, including the making of Liberty Ranch High School, two new stadiums, and the many accomplishments of the FFA program and its students, to name a few.”

Speaking to Parker’s personal knowledge of the history of the area, Sandhu said, “Terry Parker and her family are long-term, active members of our community here in Galt. She graduated from Galt High herself, along with other members in her family.”

Sandhu said that Parker has always - put all students at the forefront of her decisions.

“She is a strong advocate for equal opportunity and leaving no student behind,” Sandhu said. “One of her top priorities is getting the students back to campus safely. Terry Parker will continue to serve with integrity and honesty in making sure our high school district continues its progress and success. Please join me in re-electing Terry Parker for the GJUHSD Board.”

GPOA endorses Martin, Papineau
The Galt Police Officers Association (GPOA) is pleased to announce its endorsement of Kami Martin and Kevin Papineau for Galt City Council.
After the GPOA interviewed candidates Wednesday, Sept. 9, the GPOA Board unanimously cast their votes in support of publicly endorsing candidates Martin and Papineau.
“These two candidates impressed the board with their passion for the Galt community, knowledge of the Galt community, their respective life experiences, financial strategies, pride in the community, and their ongoing commitment to enhancing public safety,” the GPOA said in a press release. “We look forward to Kami and Kevin serving on City Council as the GPOA strongly believes they both possess the knowledge and desire to move the city of Galt in a positive direction, which will be most beneficial to all in the Galt community.”
Payne for Vandenburg
Former mayor and City Councilmember Barbara Payne has endorsed Jay Vandenburg for Galt City Council.
“I hope the voters of Galt will seriously consider Jay Vandenburg for Galt City Council,” Payne said. “I believe that he will be a Councilmember for the people.”

Payne said that all too often Councilmembers forget that the city manager works for the Council, not the other way around and believes that Vandenburg will ask questions of staff and listen to the residents.

“The city manager and staff are supposed to carry out the policies of the City Council,” Payne said. “Too often, instead of working with the city manager, councilmembers work for the city manager, not asking the questions that need to be asked. The wishes of the people that elected them are not given priority consideration. Being available to listen to the people is one of the best ways to find the needs of the city.”

Payne believes that a good Councilmember has “energy” and “a vision for making the city better.” 

“I have seen Jay Vandenburg at City Council meetings and expressing his thoughts and asking the important questions,” Payne said. “I have seen him give the time and energy to meet with others to find the answers to the issues. I hope you will consider voting for someone who will truly represent you.”