After studying the survey results from parents, staff and teachers, Galt Joint Union Elementary School District (GJUESD) designed three possible scenarios for re-opening the new school year. Parents were sent a survey this week for their opinions, but the last word on which option will be chosen could come down to mandates from county health officials. Board Trustees were presented with the three options at a special board meeting held over teleconference on June 17.

Claudia Del Toro Anguiano, director of curriculum, presented the reopening schools survey results that demonstrated 60% of parents, staff and students were prioritizing on campus learning and 40% preferring a mixed learning model involving a blend of on-campus learning with online at home or fulltime at home distance learning.

Superintendent Karen Schauer said the three options are as follows: every day – all day school on campus, part-time daily on school campus combined with home distance learning and the all student home learning option.

According to Del Toro Anguiano, regardless of what option the district must use, parents can still decide to keep their children in home school study.

School bus transportation will be very limited due to social distancing requirements.

In the every day – all day school campus program, every elementary school and the middle school are planning to provide daily learning that includes core instruction, online learning assignments and enrichment activities – all at school. Staff will work together safely within the health guidelines for social distancing and large group gatherings that are required at the August reopening period.

A possible schedule for elementary is 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and for middle school, 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Option two calls for part time daily on school campus paired with at-home distance learning for grades 4 through 8. This option will have participating students come to school in the morning or the afternoon every day. For this blended part-time school campus instructional program, grades 4-8 students would receive core instruction at school, which will include math, language arts, social studies and science and then would complete online/homework assignments at home. According to Schauer, the district will attempt to give parents the option of mornings or afternoons.

The third option will be a home school program for TK through 8th. The components of this option will be an in-person or virtual instruction with a credentialed teacher paired with parents serving as home learning coaches for their students. Home study students will have access to neighborhood school opportunities and resources.

Schauer said it is still unknown if after-school programs will be possible.

“It is still unclear on how we can make after school programs work,” Schauer said. “We are working with regional after school program leaders and the city of Galt to examine safe possibilities.”

Food distribution methods are still to be decided, but all students will be served equitably, according to Del Toro Anguiano.