fatal accident

Debris litters both lanes of Highway 99 Tuesday morning after an early morning fatal accident claimed the life of two people.

Northbound Highway 99 commuters were at a standstill Tuesday morning after a collision killed two near the Ayers Lane onramp in Galt. Both northbound lanes were closed for several hours.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, as of press time it appears three semi trucks and one pickup truck were involved in the accident. The two passengers killed appear to have been in the white pickup. No names have been released as of press time.

Passerby photos show the white pickup smashed from behind by one semi, with much of the bed of the truck under that semi, and sever damage to the front end, presumably by one of the other semis in front of it.

Debris from a McLane semi littered both northbound lanes.

Traffic was diverted onto the east frontage road at Ayers Lane. Vehicles in both directions were slow as passersby slowed to look at the collision.