An unknown suspect burglarized five local storage units during the early morning of Feb. 22.

This incident occurred at Secure Self Storage, 535 Industrial Drive, between midnight and 3:45 a.m.

Galt Police Lt. Richard Small told the Herald that the investigation is ongoing.

“We were able to gather evidence, which has generated some leads in the case, and our patrol officers and investigators are actively investigating,” he said.

The police did not release information on the suspect as of press time.

Gary Johnson, resident manager at Secure Self Storage, described the damage that he encountered following the burglary.

“They just ripped the screws out, damaged the metal and just went in through like a fish, all through the different units,” he said.

Johnson mentioned that two of the affected five units were vacant. One of the units was robbed of many valuables, he noted.

Johnson said that the storage company is faced with the misfortune of paying for an unplanned expense.

“We’ve got a guy that’s coming to repair all this stuff for us, so that’s a cost that’s unknown to us right now,” he said. “There’s a lot of sheet metal that needs to be replaced and screwed back in and everything. It’s going to take a while (to fix).”

Galt resident Bill Watters was one of the three victims.

“We got a call from (the storage company) on Monday at 4’o clock and we went (there) to look at our unit,” he said. “We were told over the phone that someone had broken into a number of units.”

Watters mentioned that the storage unit he was renting mostly contained Christmas items, books and his wife’s craft supplies, which were kept in plastic storage containers.

His wife’s wedding dress was missing from the unit, but the keepsake was discovered in one of the nearby storage units that had been burglarized.

Watters referred to the items in his unit as special to his family, but not the type of items that could be quickly resold.

“(They were) not the sort of things you would grab and take to a pawn shop and get anything for,” he said.

Although Watters mentioned that he does not believe that his losses from the burglary exceed more than $100, he added that he and his wife had already suffered enough losses.

“We lost everything in our home (in Paradise during the Camp Fire),” he said, “but we couldn’t fit everything in the home, so we had everything else in our storage unit (in Paradise), and the storage unit didn’t burn.

“We never thought in a million years that we would be caught in the middle of this forest fire, and I mean, we were right smack in the middle of it. All those stories you heard about people being stuck in traffic for hours in the middle of a forest fire, we were one of those cars.”

Further frustrating for the Watters is that they had only moved to Paradise a year earlier.

He said that he and his wife eventually moved to Galt and put some of the remaining items from their Paradise storage unit in their Galt storage unit that was recently burglarized.

“It’s disturbing, because Galt is such a nice place,” Watters said. “It’s a nice place to live, the people are nice, and then you start getting your nice community tarnished by these crooks. It’s just not right.”