hot spots

Fire crews from mulitple agencies help put out hot spots left over from a fire that burned several acres just south of Amador Avenue on Monday.

By Herburger Staff

A fire broke out in the dry fields in the Amador Avenue corridor between Amador Avenue and Simmerhorn Road Monday morning. Firefighters responded to a call at 10:22 a.m. where several acres of dry grass were on fire south of the Amador Central Railroad tracks.

Although the fire appears to have started in the middle of an empty field, a mild wind pushed the flames to the southeast, threatening homes and livestock.

Fire crews were quick to the scene, accessing the fire from Amador Avenue on the north end and Steiner Road, off of Simmerhorn Road, from the south. Crews from multiple agencies were able to extinguish the flames before any residential structures were damaged; however a wooden shed and cargo trailer sustain substantial damage.

Victor Granados’ property at the end of Steiner Road sustained damage; however, his livestock had kept his fields relatively low, helping to slow the moving fire.

Granados released his horses and sheep from the pasture to allow them to flee from the smoke and flames.

Fire officials have determined that fireworks were the cause of the fire; however, they do not have any suspects at this time.

Local residents said they  heard several loud “explosions” believed to be fireworks, before flames and smoke were detected.