For more than 23 years, the local community has been able to enjoy the Harvest Carnival at Horizon Community Church in Galt.

Held on Halloween night, the event was another one of those great gatherings, providing a safe and secure place to catch up with old friends each year or to connect with new.

“It’s a big plus for the community. I love how my children and grandchildren and our great-grandchildren can have fun in a safe place,” said Jennifer Warmerdam of Galt. “It is so awesome to see all the adorable children and also the adults dressed up and enjoying each other. To be able to have this event is such a gift from God.”

Pastor Kevin Brown of Horizon is the main overseer of the event.

“The focus all these years has been to provide a safe and fun event,” Brown said.

“My kids will always want to be there. In addition, we love to unite with other churches on this event, and Pastor Rick Keiser and Family Life Church have been a consistent partner with us each year,” Brown added.

“It’s so much work for so many, but year after year we see churches join together to create an amazing experience for our kids and their families,” Keiser said.

Free food – hot dogs, cheese nachos, popcorn and drinks – were served to more than 2,200 of the estimated 2,500 guests.

Thanks goes to Cindy Parkerson of Lodi, who oversees the food portion each year.

“It was an amazing night seeing people that attend our church and new people that do not,” Parkerson said.  “I also couldn’t do my job without the crew that l have to make the food and drinks successful.”

The “big room”, as it is called at Horizon where church services are normally held, was where games could be played to win handfuls of candy.

Seven huge white ice chests full of candy had been given out by the end of the evening.

Kassandra Eyer, Donna Sagert and Velda McCurley planned and oversaw all of the game booths, with volunteers working the games in shifts throughout the night.

A photo booth by David Kasinger was also available for fun, silly and memorable pictures to take home.

In another room was a “candy bar walk” and face painting. Out on the fully lit parking lot was a variety of fun games and activities, including a live animal petting zoo, pony rides, a climbing wall and carnival rides.

The Harvest Carnival, as always, is completely free of charge to attend.

The cost of the event, funded by Horizon, is supplemented by the generous gifts of individuals and sponsored by the following businesses: Big Sponge Car Wash, SMUD, Fitness Pro Gym, Lupton Excavation and Westech industries.

Organizers wish to thank all who participated in and attended this event in our great little town of Galt.