After weeks of stagnant numbers, Galt’s positive cases of COVID-19 saw an increase of eight in a week’s time period, bringing Galt’s number to 20. The positive case number sat at 12 since April 27 and didn’t see an increase until last week.

The overall trend for Sacramento County positive cases is on a decline.

April 1 had the highest number of positive test results in the county with a total of 51 for that day. From there, positive test cases in the county have seen an overall decline with the latest reported positive tests numbering at 15 on June 4.

The county, with a population of 1.6 million, has seen a total of 1,624 cases since tracking the positive cases at the beginning of February. Of those, 1,251 are likely recovered and 61 have resulted in death. The county said that all deaths are among those age 65 and older, had underlying conditions and/or had other risk factors.

Of the overall 1,624 positive cases, 193 were in one of 26 congregate facilities, such as assisted living centers and nursing care homes. And 32 of the 61 deaths were patients in these facilities.

Although individual case locations are not identified on the map provided by Sacramento County, the county’s website does show that the positive numbers being attributed to Galt include areas beyond the city’s boundaries, encompassing the entire 95632 zip code, which goes as far north as the Wilton border, west to Thornton, east to Herald and south to the San Joaquin County line.

Sacramento County staff announced on May 6 that the Cal Expo testing site had expanded its services to include visitors who lack symptoms. Testing was previously only allowed for people who had mild to severe symptoms that could be COVID-related, such as dry cough, fever and chills.

Test results usually take 2-3 days to arrive.

Currently, there are 17 COVID-19 related patients in one of 10 Sacramento County area hospitals, nine of which are in ICU.

At its peak, which occurred in mid April, the county had 77 patients in area hospitals and 33 in ICU.

According to Sacramento County, hospital availability appears to be going well. There are 184 negative pressure rooms in the county with 104 of them in use. The county has 814 surge capacity beds, all unused and 651 ventilators with 126 in use as of Friday, June 5.