In an effort to give the voters of Galt a chance to meet each of the candidates running in one of three local elections, The Galt Herald is offering candidate profiles in order to give each candidate the chance to introduce themselves to the community.

Candidate profiles, as well as candidate viewpoints on local issues, will run weekly through the beginning of October.

Absentee ballots will start being mailed to homes beginning Oct. 5, after which voters can start mailing in their ballots or dropping off at designated locations. Although Election Day is officially Nov. 3, ballot centers will start opening Oct. 24.

Five candidates are vying for two seats on Galt City Council, and three candidates each are competing for votes for two seats on each the Galt Joint Union High School and Galt Joint Union Elementary School districts.

If elected, the candidates will serve a four-year term ending in December 2024.

Galt City Council members will preside over city business and administration, making all necessary budget, ordinance, staffing, appointment and public service decisions.

Council members will conduct a peer election in December to determine who will become the mayor and vice mayor of the city, and all newly elected council members will also be discharged with the duty of selecting individuals to serve on a variety of city boards and commissions, including the Galt Planning Commission, Galt Parks and Recreation Commission and several citizen-staffed committees.

Not a paid position, council members will receive instead a $300 month stipend and access to city health benefits for the length of their term.

School board members preside over their district’s administration, budget, staffing and student decisions. Each board will hold a leadership meeting, usually in December, to elect board presidents and other board officers.

Board member positions are not paid positions; however, they receive monthly stipends of $240 to compensate for their time, gas and other costs affiliated with their service.

The Galt Herald believes the best way to vote smart is to vote educated on the issues and the candidates that seek to represent you, your money and your future.

This week, we will profile Galt City Council candidate Kevin Papineau.

See next week’s edition for Council candidate Kami Martin’s profile.

School board candidate profiles will begin Sept. 16 with high school board candidate Terry Parker, elementary school board candidate Jared Gaynor, as well as Council candidate Randy Morton.

The Sept. 23 edition will feature Council candidate Jay Vandenburg, high school board candidate Pat Maple and elementary school board candidate Traci Skinner.

Sept. 30 will round out our candidate profiles with Council candidate Keith Jones, high school board candidate Dan Denier and elementary school board candidate Casey Raboy.

Be sure to check the Oct. 7 Galt Herald edition before casting your vote to read candidates’ responses to issues related to their respective public servant focus.