break ground

Surrounded by Galt High School cheerleaders, Galt Joint Union High School District trustees, Galt High School Principal Kellie Beck and district Superintendent William Spaulding ceremonially break ground at the sight of the future CTE two-story science building on Tuesday, June 11.

Continuing with modernization and new construction plans, Galt Joint Union High School District officials broke ground on the new Career Technical Education (CTE) two-story science building at Galt High School Tuesday, June 11, as well as held a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the near completion of the new Warrior Stadium (see separate story on page A10).

Despite the grueling heat, dozens of guests attended the event, which began in the school’s auditorium.

Gratitude was the theme of the ceremony as each speaker thanked the residents, architects, developers and staff for their hard work getting the necessary vision and funding for the modernization and new construction.

“We want to thank the community more than anything for all of this, for both stadiums and for the science building,” said Dan Denier, school board president. “The community stepped forward, they saw that we had a need in our district for these facilities. It’s not just Galt, it’s the entire district, it’s Herald, it’s Acampo, it’s Oak View. For that we are eternally thankful, we always will be.”

Denier went on to thank the volunteers and teachers.

“The teachers came together and formed a committee and they said this is what our needs are,” Denier said. “What the district did, we sat there and we listened to them. We let them have a say, because they’re the ones that are here day in and day out. And they’re the ones that know what’s best for our students. So I want to thank the teachers.”

Galt High Principal Kellie Beck said this year’s theme has been gratitude.

“I am forever thankful on behalf of our students for the support for the passage of this bond to make these projects happen,” Beck said.

Beck said she is excited about the new science building.

“The two story science building is going to be our signature building,” Beck said. “As a microbiology major in college, I am thrilled that my students will have access to a state of the art science building that will prepare them for life beyond Galt High School.”

Funds for these projects come from Measure E passed in 2016.

The science building is the last of the big projects on the list of approved projects, and comes with a $15.5 million price tag.

Measure E projects already completed include the $6.8 million Liberty Ranch High School Hawk Stadium, modernization of the front of Galt High, including several buildings, and the new Warrior Stadium at $8.8 million. Total bond expenditures are approximately $34 million.

“This is really a great day for the city of Galt and the school district,” Mayor Paige Lampson said at the event. “Thank you to the citizens of Galt for seeing the need for this.”