Vendors at the newly designed Galt Market are spaced far apart to allow room for social distancing.

The Galt Market reopened last week with approximately 30 vendors selling produce and essential household items; however, the order and operation looks much different than usual.

Market officials created 25-foot aisle ways to allow room for customers to maintain a six-foot distance from other shoppers, spaced vendors further apart and provided hand washing stations throughout the market.

To help keep customers aware of social distancing, markings were placed on the ground at six-foot intervals.

No prepared food vendors were allowed, and all tables and benches were removed from the property to discourage customers from gathering and lingering.

This week, officials widened the aisle to 50 feet and provided additional space between vendors.

Only vendors selling produce and essential household items, including toilet paper and paper towels, were allowed to participate; however, like retail stores, some vendors also carried items that may not be considered essential.

“The Market provides an opportunity for the community to obtain necessary produce, dry/canned goods, and household essentials in an open air format,” Interim City Manager Thomas Haglund said in his biweekly City Manager’s Report. “Customer traffic will be monitored to provide for social distancing.”

According to Haglund, the redesign was developed under guidance of the city’s emergency management team, and reviewed and approved by the Sacramento County Department of Public Health.

The Galt Market is open for business on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.