Planet Earth

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The Elvay water fountain at Fitness Pro displays the possible number of plastic bottles that has been prevented from being used by refilling reusable bottles from that particular fountain. That station alone claims over 53,600 bottles eliminated from landfills as of the week of Sept. 9.

A little town called Galt is located on this big planet earth. One can hardly pick up a newspaper without seeing an article about concern for the environment. Plastics have become a major concern. Single use plastics often end up in our waterways and threaten the marine life. Those plastics are made from petroleum chemicals that don’t break down and stay in our oceans for years and years to damage the creatures that either try to eat them or get tangled up in the debris.

In this little town of Galt, there are some local businesses that are doing their part. Randy Morton, president of Fitness Pro, is one of those businessmen making the extra effort.

He said, “ Everybody has a part to play to look after the environment.”

In his gym with all his fitness building machines is another machine where people fill up their reusable water containers. The name of that machine is the Elvay water fountain. The remarkable thing about this machine is that it tells you how many plastic bottles it is keeping out of our landfills and waterways.

As of the week of Sept. 9, there were 53,693 plastic water bottles that had been replaced since Randy installed the fountain, which makes it easy to fill containers with filtered water.

Prior to Randy installing his special filtered water fountain, he donated all his recyclable plastic water bottles to Living Water International, a nonprofit company that provides clean water to as many families as possible. Randy continues to donate his recyclables, even though the number of plastic water bottles has gone down to a minimum amount.

On April 18, 2020, the Galt Beautification Committee, with the support of the Galt Community of Character Coalition (GCCC), will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Watch for details for the event throughout the next few months as the countdown to Operation Galt Earth Day unfolds.

Barbara Payne is chair of GCCC, the Galt Beautification Committee, as well as the Galt Earth Day event.