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Rachelle Hansen

Galt Police Department announced that it has promoted Rachelle Hansen to sergeant, making her the agency’s first female sergeant in more than 40 years.

“She’s worked hard, and she has been an advocate of the city and the organization, second to none,” Chief of Police Brian Kalinowski said at the May 16 City Council meeting. He added that he has relied on her social media knowledge.

In her nine years with the agency, Hansen has served as social media coordinator, field training officer and recruiting team member. Having been promoted from corporal to sergeant, she will supervise a patrol team.

“(Hansen’s promotion has) allowed us to provide the important diversity that we need to have in the organization,” Kalinowski said. “We have a large number of female employees, and so I think it’s important to have equal representation in your supervision ranks when you can, and so for us it’s a win-win.”