Dennis Johnson, Heidi Braziel and Lindsey Liebig

Dennis Johnson, Heidi Braziel and Lindsey Liebig are sworn into office at the Herald Fire Protection District meeting Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Directors Heidi Braziel, Lindsey Liebig and Dennis Johnson will continue their service on the Herald Fire Protection District (HFPD) board of directors after running unopposed during the Nov. 8 election. The three were officially sworn into office at the Dec. 13 meeting.

After the swear-in ceremony, directors chose to keep leadership of the board the same, keeping Don Siegalkoff as chair, Liebig as vice chair and Brian Hurlbut as clerk. Directors also established committee members: Hurlbut and Johnson will serve on the Apparatus and Facilities committees, Siegalkoff will serve on the Budget and Personnel committees, Liebig will serve on the Budget, Personnel and Policies committees, and Braziel will serve on the Policies and Safety committees. All committees will include Fire Chief James Hendricks; Battalion Chief Jim Miller will assist with the Apparatus and Safety committees as well.

Finding conflict with district fire training on Tuesday evenings, a new day was established for the regular monthly board meeting. HFPD regular monthly meetings are now scheduled for the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at Hendrickson Training Center. However, January’s meeting will take place Friday, Jan. 20 due to official business needing to take place on that day.

After approving a 10-year Master Plan and updates to 10 policies, directors discussed changing the name of Hendrickson Hall to Hendrickson Training Center.

“The main reason for that is all of a sudden this facility has taken on several different names in publications,” said Siegalkoff. “Most recently there’s been a couple of times where it has been called the community center.”

On top of establishing consistency in paperwork, directors were looking to establish that the building was not a community center, although often rented and used for community functions.

After receiving confirmation that the barn was also used for training, Johnson proposed including that facility in a name change. Directors discussed referring to both facilities as a training complex.

Hendricks advised directors to table renaming both facilities as a training complex, and explained that the district is in the process of cleaning up paperwork.

“What we are looking for is to clean up the documentation associated with each of the buildings,” Hendricks said. “We just went through a pretty lengthy process, in the background, to get all that documentation done and it’s done now. If we amend that now, it would cause us to go back and change that documentation.”

Directors eventually settled on setting the hall’s official name as Hendrickson Training Center and possibly readdressing the two buildings as a complex at a later date.

HFPD directors will next meet on Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. where they are expected to have a budget update and are expected to ratify a resolution to officially sever ties with CalPERS, a lengthy process directors and staff have been working on for over a year.