At their March 21 meeting, directors of the Herald Fire Protection District (HFPD) approved objectives and goals developed at a previous study session, approved a revised policy and appointed members to committees.

Acknowledging progress with previous objectives, adjustments were made for the 2019 objectives to include the word “continue” to each. The three objectives are: continue to improve the level of service to the community, continue to streamline business operations and improve efficiency in administrative functions, and continue to enhance training and development programs for volunteer personnel.

Goals were placed in four categories – administrative, personnel, facilities and apparatus.

Administrative goals include maintaining annual policy reviews, budget reporting, record retention and office training opportunities.

Personnel goals include volunteer retention, recruitment, incentive and recognition programs, achieve an average of a two-person staffing model for full 24-hour shift coverage, and pursuing grant and other alternative funding sources.

Facility goals involve repair and maintenance, securing funding and implementing a key card access program to all facilities.

Apparatus goals revolve around maintenance, enhancing specialized equipment, establishing a secondary maintenance contract and securing additional apparatus funding.

Policy 5011 was revised to reflect a revised set of board committees. Board members approved to combine a couple of previous committees that worked better together. There are now just three committees.

Serving on the newly formed Budget and Personnel Committee is Dennis Johnson and Lindsey Liebig. Heidi Braziel and Liebig will serve on the Policy Committee and Brian Hurlbut and George  Obi will serve on the Facility and Apparatus Committee. HFPD personnel will fill additional seats on the committees.

Volunteer Fire Chief James Hendricks reported to directors that he is working on a mutual aid agreement with the City of Ione, Amador County and HFPD. This agreement, when complete, will join other mutual aid agreements that HFPD has with other surrounding fire agencies.

Liebig announced that she was finishing up a grant application that could potentially help the district with volunteer recruitment and retention, and allows funding for PPE, training, education and some facility improvements.

Obi reported that he was almost finished inventorying unused apparatus parts that may be able to be sold back to the original vendor, freeing up space at the station and putting a few dollars back into the budget.