student representatives

Kelyn Shelton and Brett Sees McGill are sworn in by Superintendent William Spalding as Estrellita student representatives at the Oct. 3 trustee meeting.

The Galt Joint Union High School District (GJUHSD) Trustees heard updates on Liberty Ranch’s Ag building renovations at their Oct. 3 meeting at City Hall. The 700 building was water damaged September 2018 when a storm soaked insulation, ceiling tiles, carpets and went through the entire interior of the building. Kevin Clemons, director of technology and project management, explained how the project was progressing and the need for some additional funds.

“(They) were able to save all the cabinets and the restrooms,” Clemons said. “All the stucco had to be stripped, the south wall was damaged.”

Superintendent William Spalding said he was relieved the whole structure wasn’t devastated, including expensive tools and machines such as the welding stations, which were removed quickly before they too had to be replaced.

“We are looking at how we can hold the builders accountable,” Spalding said. “This shouldn’t have happened. I want a shout-out to the Liberty Ranch Ag team – it’s been a hard year for them. Can’t say enough about the team.”

Chief Business Officer Cory Reihl told the trustees that an additional $100,000 would be needed to complete the project. He said the district might have to front the money but the insurance would ultimately pay the bill.

Spalding and the Trustees took the opportunity to publicly honor the Maintenance and Operations staff during the meeting.

“They had a very ambitious schedule,” Spalding said. “They worked through the summer to get our schools in shape. Not only were the classrooms in impeccable shape, the lawns and landscaping looked great.”

Reihl also commended his staff for working long hours throughout the summer, inside and out.

“We’re very fortunate in this district to have an amazing team,” Reihl said. “We want to recognize their efforts. If you tell Nic (Guedenet, head of the department) how great he did, he always responds, ‘That has nothing to do with me, that’s my team.’”

Curriculum Director Sean Duncan gave a presentation on the State’s dashboard, which the state set up as an indicator tool for the public. Duncan said, while graduation rates have decreased some, college readiness has increased.

“They changed the rules this year,” Duncan said. “Completing a GED, passing the CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Exam), or earning a completion in high school is no longer considered graduating.”

Duncan said he would continue the presentation on the dashboard at upcoming district meetings.