In its April 1 meeting, the Galt Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees discussed multiple items related to maximizing students’ success for the remainder of the current school year as well as in summer school, and discussed specifics concerning graduation ceremonies.

Interim Superintendent Sean Duncan noted that, after spring break, students were to return to school four days a week Tuesday through Friday, instead of the two days they had been attending on campus previously.

The board noted that, for now, they’ll stick to having six feet of social distancing between students in the classroom despite updated state guidelines that reduce social distancing to three feet between students in the classroom. If there is no spike in COVID-19 cases in the state after a few weeks, however, reducing distancing to three feet is a likely case for the district.

Offering summer school on both campuses, four week intensive summer school during June was also discussed. The students who are struggling a lot at the moment will be automatically enrolled in summer school. They can opt out if they want. Duncan said that they’re looking to secure teachers and staff for summer school.

The board noted that graduation will be outdoors and for families to attend, they will need to pre-register for assigned seating, as well as keep six feet of separation between households. The attendees are to be limited to staff, students, immediate households and in-state family only with mandatory masks and health screenings.

The board also noted the amount of people who will be able to attend graduations, and that number will depend on the current tier of the county. Capacity limits are limited to 20% capacity if the county is in the red tier, 33% if it’s in the orange tier and 67% if it’s in the yellow tier.

In a move that will allow student-athletes to extend their athletic season if they happen to struggle during the previous semester, the board noted that, for students whose grade point average is below 2.0, the state passed AB 908 authorizing schools to change the policy to extend a waiver for participating in athletics and extracurricular activities.

In order to participate in extracurriculars, a student’s grades from the previous term are considered, and that student’s grade point average must be at least a 2.0. If their grades drop below a 2.0 GPA, they can use one waiver during their time in high school. The resolution extends the waiver through the end of the year.

The board voted to amend their policy (6145) to make the resolution retroactive to Jan. 1; before voting, board member Dennis Richardson at first expressed concern the waiver extension could put the focus more on being in the position to play athletics rather than allowing students to be successful academically. Trustee Mark Beck noted, however, that the extension promotes a healthier and more active mindset for those students who are already struggling. Noting that the extension allows students to engage in school activities, instead of being away from campus, the board passed the waiver extension.

Board members expressed appreciation for those who helped work to ensure students’ success in their return to on-campus learning, including parents and teachers.

“It’s taken our whole community together and all the feedback and input and the push and pull to get us where we’re at, and I just want to recognize that,” said Board President Melissa Neuburger.