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Lorenzo Hines, Jr. is Galt's new city manager.

There’s a new captain at the helm of the city of Galt, Lorenzo Hines Jr., our new city manager. He’s got a vision for Galt, and his new job is to better the community while listening to its citizens.

“It’s a great town with a great history and a midwestern sensibility that appeals to me,” Hines said. “It’s also a town whose trajectory continues in an upward direction. My underlying job is to help move the city along this upward course in a way that reflects the needs and desires of the community.”

Hines’ childhood years were spent in three different localities, which he said was a catalyst for learning. His parents’ professions and interests also served him well. His father was a musician and his mother was a computer operator. He called it “a great combination”, which shaped his life.

“I grew up between Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Mo., and Greensboro, N.C.,” Hines said. “I had a pretty typical childhood that was shaped by my time in these areas. D.C. taught me the power of collaboration. My straightforward, plain speak style is the result of my Midwestern roots. My humility and hospitable approach reflects my southern roots.”

His parents also taught him lessons that have stayed with him throughout life. They taught him to treat people with respect and empathy, try to understand the other person’s point of view, work hard, be true to your word and always maintain the highest degree of integrity.

Hines has two grown daughters; one is a lead video editor in San Diego, and the other a senior at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

He brings a wealth of knowledge from previous locations to use during his time in Galt. He said his legacy is the work he’s done addressing major issues successfully – from budget issues to “programmatic issues”. He is able to look back and realize he helped move those cities forward.

“I’ve been in government for most of my career,” Hines said. “Working at the local (city) level gives me the opportunity to apply all of my experience and lessons learned to help the citizens, city council, and city staff accomplish the goals and objectives of the city. I am thankful that my journey to Galt has been fostered by many wise and knowledgeable mentors and advisors.”

Hines said he anticipates keeping a balance in the community of Galt will be very important.

“Managing growth in our residential and commercial sectors, and ensuring the pace of growth reflects the desires of the community,” are special concerns of Hines. “Also, I’m focusing on expanding our commercial base to ensure that families who dwell here have options for food and entertainment, and always ensuring we maintain efficient and effective city services for the community.”

Lorenzo Hines is the city of Galt’s new city manager.