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Attendees enjoy McFarland Living History Ranch at the 2019 Sip & Snack.

The Galt Area Historical Society is looking forward to bringing back its Sip & Snack at the MAC fundraiser on Sept. 24, when local wineries, breweries and restaurants will give attendees samples of their products. But to make the event happen at McFarland Living History Ranch, the society is looking for a few more vendors, particularly restaurants.

Society President Janis Barsetti-Gray said Sip & Snack is “a good way to encourage people to come” to a business. The annual event is starting up again after a three-year hiatus.

Some of the participating businesses include E2 Family Winery, Grace Vineyards, Five Windows Beer Co., River Rock Brewery, Brewsters Bar & Grill and Velvet Grill & Creamery.

Barsetti-Gray said the society is open to various kinds of food; she noted that no Mexican restaurants have signed up yet. Dishes that can be distributed to a lot of people work best.

Beyond creating and delivering the product itself, there is no cost for businesses to participate. Barsetti-Gray said the society will provide utensils, and there will be volunteers available to distribute the food at the event.

To contact the society, email