The above illustrations shows the approved housing projects in Galt; however, very few housing permits have been pulled or approved.

New businesses and housing developments are going strong with progress on the Dry Creek Oaks senior homes development and the Cardoso Subdivisions while Parlin Oaks is well under construction on Walnut Avenue and Carillion Boulevard. According to Community Planning Director Chris Erias, two companies are asking for annexation north of Twin Cities Road.

“A gas station with convenience store wants to go in north of Twin Cities and east of Stockton Boulevard,” Erias said. “A developer wants to put a subdivision opposite of Marengo [Road].”

Erias said he expects an “uptick” in housing production in the second half of 2020. Only 38 building permits were pulled for housing in 2018. That number went up to 57 in 2019.

“We expect Veranda at River Oaks with 60 homes, Parlin Oaks with 144 homes and Dry Creek Oaks Senior Development with 206 homes to be under construction in the second half of 2020 with homes ready to move in either at the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021,” Erias said. “It’s possible that Cardoso I with 69 homes and Cedar Flats Estates with 112 homes will also start construction. Obviously, all homes won’t be built at once. Most builders expect to sell one home a week and will build accordingly.”

Housing option trends are changing, according to Erias.

“We’re finally starting to see a wider variety of housing products in Galt,” Erias said. “As you probably know, Galt is predominantly low density housing, which is a single-family home on a 6,500-square-foot lot or greater. We have recently approved or have applications in for apartments and small lot single-family homes. Galt’s bread and butter will always be the low density housing but it’s a good sign when we start to build a more diverse housing project as it will help us fill different housing needs.”

The Dry Creek Oaks Senior project will fill an untapped segment of buyers, which Erias said is very exciting.

“It will provide us much needed senior housing and can help spur additional construction in the southeast portion of the city,” Erias said. “Simmerhorn Ranch in the notch annexation is also an exciting project. It will help clean up the city’s eastern boundary and help the city’s circulation network by connecting A Street extended and Boessow Road with Carillion Boulevard and Marengo Road making it easier for those in the northeast part of town to get to downtown and Old Town Galt.”

Erias said the smaller lot projects, such as Veranda and Parlin Oaks, will be more affordable to buyers in the medium income bracket.

The company interested in developing land north of Twin Cities opposite Marengo Road is planning for a gated community, which Erias said is not currently available here in Galt