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Kristi and Devon MacLeod (third and fourth from right) receive the Galt Community of Character Coalition’s Pride in Community Award, surrounded by the neighbors who nominated them.

The Galt Community of Character Coalition presented its Pride in Community award to Kristi and Devon MacLeod at the Nov. 1 Galt City Council meeting. The nomination narrative by Anna and Brandon Young follows:

“Our neighbors, Kristi and Devon MacLeod, are true role models of pride in community. As leaders of our Neighborhood Watch for the past 20 years, they plan and put in motion many fun activities that bring neighbors together to get to know each other. They welcome new neighbors and keep everyone connected. They put together fun events for everyone, like snow cone trucks in the summer, hot chocolate evenings in the winter, taco bars, etc. From these get-togethers, we come to know and care for all the neighborhood children and grandchildren. Kristi and Devon check in on elderly and sick neighbors, as well as families with new babies. During the pandemic, they kept everyone in touch and arranged outdoor distance get-togethers, so we could see each other and take stock of how everyone was coping. We know that strong neighborhoods are the backbone of vibrant, wholesome communities. Studies show that neighbors who get to know and trust each other experience less loneliness and achieve greater health and safety. To increase our safety, Kristi and Devon have also invited Galt police representatives for a neighborhood watch meeting.

“In addition, Kristi and Devon are living busy and fulfilling lives with their own three children and grandchildren. They are active volunteers in their church community. As teachers in Galt, both Kristi and Devon impact the lives of young people, giving them the skills necessary to succeed in life. Devon is an exceptional high school teacher in Galt and often volunteers his time to tutor students.

“Neighbors say that Kristi and Devon are the kind of people that leave others feeling seen and cared for, and everyone and everything they touch make this town a little better than before. As a result of their leadership, kindness, and perseverance, they have developed and nurtured a culture of neighborliness, caring and pride in our community.”

Other appreciative neighbors joined the nomination, including Dennis and Tanya Freeman, Mike and Claudia Schrader, Daniel and Alondra Anaya, Thomas and Maria Blas, Mike Vontoure and Mari Martinez.