The Liberty Schoolhouse rests on its permanent foundation in the Rae House Museum parking lot.

The Liberty Schoolhouse has finally been set on its permanent foundation in the Rae House Museum parking lot.

Thursday, July 2, a crew from Scott Heavy Movers, Inc. out of Roseville, used hydraulic lifts and a lot of elbow grease to lower the building from its four-foot temporary perch. The heavy movers had moved the historic building from its Fourth Street location last December – all that was needed was a permanent foundation. Thanks to a financial donation by Darryl Clare and concrete work by Jim Basinger Concrete, the foundation was poured and ready for the structure to be set on its resting place.

The schoolhouse, which was gifted to the Galt Area Historical Society (GAHS) by the Henke Family Trust last summer, is one of the oldest buildings in Galt, and even pre-dates our Great American Little Town.

Originally built in the mid-1850s in the town of Liberty, the schoolhouse was moved from its original location in the early 1870s to a Fourth Street location when the railroad was built. And that’s where it sat until December 2019, when it made its move to the Rae House.

“Our next step will be to renovate and restore the schoolhouse to its 1854 days by our volunteers,” GAHS President Janis Barsetti Gray said. “Once the structure renovation is complete, we will furnish it to look like an 1854 one-room schoolhouse.”

Specifically, GAHS is looking for six old wooden windows to replace the new windows in the house, as well as two wooden doors.

As far as furnishings, Barsetti Gray said they are looking for anything that would come from the mid-1850s era, such as desks, a teacher’s desk and chair, mannequins of children and adults, old period clothing, old books, flag from 1850-54, and a chalkboard with the letters showing how to print or write above the board.

“I know this is detailed, but some people may have these things and not realize we can use them,” Barsetti Gray said.

After all the renovations and new furnishings, the Liberty Schoolhouse will become part of the Rae House tours.

Barsetti Gray said that all donations of any kind are appreciated, and if anyone would like to be a part of this renovation or would like to donate toward this, they can contact the GAHS at P.O. Box 782, Galt, CA 95632.

“We would be grateful for any assistance we can get from the community,” she said